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Dark Souls III - Ultimate Bonfire

Tutorial Name: Dark Souls III - Ultimate Bonfire  

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Reinforce a bonfire to the highest level.

You need to find ten Undead Bone Shards and then choose to burn them at the Firelink Shrine bonfire when they are in your possession. Burn all ten to get the achievement. Here is the order you should find them in:

1) Undead Settlement - From the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire near the white birch tree where the arrows fall if you haven't killed or befriended the giant,head forward to the area where the giant throws arrows, it's on the big stone ledge on the right before the building you go through to the boss. Befriend the giant first to make getting it easier.

2) Cathedral of the Deep - After you head through the ghoul infested graveyard and over a bridge go up the stairs and then down the next stairs on your right to another area where the giant throws arrows. The Shard is down here on a corpse.

3) Farron Keep - There is a tower full of slugs near to the ladder leading to the Old Wolf, kill them all and grab this from the corpse.

4) Catacombs of Carthus - There is a long set of stairs that a ball of skeletons will roll up and down, at the bottom just inside the door is a skeleton with a hat - kill him and the ball will come down, hit the wall and break apart to reveal this shard.

5) Smouldering Lake - Kill the giant worm that guards the Old Demon King boss gate, just shoot him with arrows from range.

6) Smouldering Lake - From the Old Kings Antechamber Bonfire head forward and down the steps ahead of you to the bottom level with two of the fireball spawning enemies, the shard is on a corpse in the left corner but watch out for the slime that drops down from above it.

7) Irithyll of the Boreal Valley - From the Church of Yorshka bonfire go down the stairs then right through the small graveyard to find this behind a large tombstone (with an enemy crouched in front of it) at the end.

8) Profaned Capital - After the first gargoyle flies in to attack you cross the bridge to find the Profane Capital bonfore and this shard on a corpse close by.

9) Lothric Castle - From the Dragon Barracks Bonfire head up the stairs to the bridge with the two fire breathing dragons, feel free to kill them from afar. Then cross the bridge but drop to the ledge just before the end to find this on a corpse below you.

10) Grand Archives - At the top of the Grand Archives are rooftops covered in Gargoyles, at the end of which you'll drop down and enter a broken window (it's the area just before you encounter three hostile NPC enemies). The shard is on a corpse in here.


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