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Dark Souls II - Smith for Life

Tutorial Name: Dark Souls II - Smith for Life  

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Inherit Steady Hand McDuff's equipment.

McDuff can be found in the Lost Bastille (from the tower where Lucatiel is found just go straight ahead down the steps and his cell is at the bottom on the right) either by using the Bastille Key (found in Belfry Luna) to open his cell or by using the explosive barrel at the top of the stairs nearby to blow open the wall to get in. Once there speak to him repeatedly and light the torch in here to get him to move off the chest he is sat on. You now need the Dull Ember.

Originally the Ember was on a corpse in Iron Keep, but now it is substantially easier to get. You need to kill The Pursuer in the Forest of Fallen Giants (either on the battlements near Cale the Cartographer where an eagle drops him in, or behind the fog gate on the upper battlements with the ballista). Once he is dead you can find a nest just past his fog gate location - examine it and an eagle will pick you up and drop you by the Tower Apart bonfire in the Lost Bastille. There are two chests here and the Ember is in one of them.

Take it back to McDuff and he will then be able to infuse your weapons (if you have the correct stones). You then need to spend at least 14k worth of souls with him (I chose to use it all on infusion which some people state is required, but equally people have had it unlock by just buying items/arrows) and then chose the regular talk option. He will give you a Titanite Slab and the achievement is yours.


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