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Dark Souls II - Moonlight Greatsword

Tutorial Name: Dark Souls II - Moonlight Greatsword  

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Inherit Benhart of Jugo's equipment.

This achievement needs some planning to make it as easy as possible so try to do things in the order I list them in order to make life easier on yourself. For more information on specific bosses/locations my walkthrough is here.

You first find Benhart sat on the path leading to the Shaded Woods, before the door blocked by the petrified Rosabeth. Speak to him here until he repeats himself and then un-petrify Rosabeth with a Fragrant Branch of Yore. Then head back to Benhart to speak to him again and learn a gesture, make sure he repeats himself.

Once you get to Brightstone Cove you will find his summon sign in one of the tents in the Royal Army Campsite (same tent that has a suit of armour stood in it) but don't call him yet. Instead follow the path past the boulders and into the church, kill all the peasants and spiders leading up to the fog gate in there and THEN head back to summon him. This means he'll have full health for the boss. Take him back there and kill the Prowling Magus and his Congregation - MAKE SURE THAT BENHART SURVIVES THE FIGHT OR IT WILL NOT COUNT. He needs to survive 3 of the 4 available boss fights for you to get his equipment. To make things easier you can buy the Redeye Ring from the cat in Majula for 6,700 souls as this will force the enemies to focus on you rather than the NPC.

After that you will meet him again by the Central Castle bonfire in Drangleic Castle (just before the platform that takes you up to King's Passage). Speak to him until he repeats himself and then continue onwards. Once you access Kings Passage clear out all of the enemies and find his summon sign to the left of the fog gate leading to the Looking Glass Knight, it helps to summon a second player if you can as the Knight can do severe damage. Ensure he survives the fight and continue.

Once you have the Ashen Mist Heart (from the Ancient Dragon) go back to the birds nest in the Forest of Fallen Giants (just past where The Pursuer fog gate fight was) and speak to him there until he repeats himself. You can now use the Ashen Mist Heart to enter the Memory of Jeigh, his summon sign is straight ahead of you and down some steps (be sure to call him rather than Drummond) and have him help you defeat the Giant Lord.

Once that is done you can speak to him in the Memory of Orro in order to get his equipment and the achievement. If he died on one of the fights you can also summon him at the Throne of Want to assist you with the last boss, then head back to the Memory of Orro afterwards (DO NOT START A NG+ IF YOU ARE DOING THIS) as he will be there permanently. If you missed a fight or he died (if he dies before the boss is dead then you can let it kill you and summon him again, though obviously you need to use an Effigy or Life Protection Ring to be human again) you have two options. Either try again on NG+ OR use a Bonfire Ascetic at the relevant bonfire (Royal Army Campsite, Central Drangleic Castle, Place Unbeknownst, Kings Gate) to make the boss respawn and attempt the fight again. If you do the latter the boss will be tougher and (in some cases) have allies. You can theoretically use this method to get all three boss wins on ONE fight if you feel like it (so defeating the Prowling Magus three times on one playthrough via Ascetic use would be fine). But you still HAVE TO speak to him in the required places and have the wins before talking to him in the Memory of Orro (though he will stay there indefinitely so you can use the Ascetic method at your leisure).


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