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Dark Souls II - Gathering of Exiles

Tutorial Name: Dark Souls II - Gathering of Exiles  

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Increase the population of Majula.

You need to get the following NPC characters to appear in Majula (speak to Sualden after you do so for a bonus item):

Merchant Hag Melentia - found in Cardinal Tower by the bonfire. Speak to her after you have killed the Last Giant and she will move to Majula.

Cale the Cartographer - found in the Forest of Fallen Giants. From the Cardinal Tower Bonfire go down the ladder and left at the bottom. Through the door at the end and halfway up the sloping tree, drop onto a lower wooden ledge from here and then again to the floor. Go up the ladder on the building nearby and then over the wooden bridge to a roof - from here you can do a running jump to a wooden platform ahead, and then drop down to another wooden platform that has the cave entrance. Watch out for the boulder trap and then speak to Cale at the top of the slope until he says he will go back to Majula.

Rosabeth - she is blocking the entrance to the Shaded Wood initially. Needs to be freed using a Fragrant Branch of Yore. Then speak to her until she repeats herself, and be sure to give her some new clothes and she will then move to Majula, at the bottom of the memorial near the bonfire.

Carhillion - found in No-Man's Wharf, on the docks by the ship you summon. You need at least 8 Int to speak with him, do so repeatedly and he will then move to Majula (under a tree looking out to sea).

Licia - found after the Dragonrider fight at the top of Heide's Flaming Tower. If you exhaust all conversation she will then move next to the contraption in the tunnels by Majula (same tunnel that led to Heide).

Stone Trader Chloanne - found sat on a rock as you enter Harvest Valley. Speak to her until she says it is time for her to move on and she will go to Majula the next time you rest.

Laddersmith Gilligan - located in Earthen Peak. From the second bonfire (the one behind a mist door) go up the stairs and smash the wooden railing in front of you. Go along the left hand ledge to find him. Buy his ladder for 2,000 souls and make sure to exhaust all conversation. After the boss fight at the top of Earthen Peak (Mytha) he will then move to Majula.

Once ALL of the above are in Majula you should get an achievement the next time you warp there.


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