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Dark Souls II - Vendrick

Tutorial Name: Dark Souls II - Vendrick  

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Defeat Vendrick.

Optional. King Vendrick is found at the end of the Undead Crypt after you defeat the boss there. He is not hostile to the player and will only attack if you do enough damage to him. The problem is that he has a ludicrously high defence UNLESS you seek out the five Giant Souls, which will reduce his defence by degrees until it is normal. Even then he can do a lot of damage with his physical attacks most of which are unblockable, or do a ton of stamina damage, so be on your toes. YOU NEED TO KILL HIM BEFORE FIGHTING THE FINAL BOSS. To get the five souls you need to do the following (once you have the Ashen Mist Heart):

Dragon Shrine - Drop from Ancient Dragon.

Memory of Orro - On the body of a Giant past two giants and two knights on Ballistae.

Memory of Vammar - At the end guarded by a giant

Memory of Jeigh - On a body of the giant after Giant Lord boss.

Black Gulch - Requires defeating two giants in a hidden cave, reached by dropping down two more levels from the Forbidden Door that leads to Darkdiver Grandahl.

Now his defence will be normal and he only does four different attacks. If you are far away he will try and do a running leap to attack you, this is easily dodged and his sword gets stuck in the floor. He will sometimes shoot a cursed orb from his ring that can do massive damage, as well as cursing you (just for fun) but this can be rolled away from. His other attacks are either a large overhead smash or a horizontal attack that can be 1/2/3 hits. Stay close to his left leg and roll right when he attacks, then quickly hit him. Repeat until he is dead but don't get overzealous. If you are human you can now open the locked door in the Shrine of Amana to get his soul and armour.


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