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Baseball Riot - Cash Cow

Tutorial Name: Baseball Riot - Cash Cow  

Category: Xbox One Tutorials

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Collect three briefcases with a single swing in region 7.

Briefcases are dropped by the businessmen when you knock them out, and then once a briefcase is lying on the ground, if your ball hits it, money pops out of it. You have to make three briefcases pop open with a single ball. I did this in the fifth level of the region but it definitely takes a lot of tries. The goal here is to not only knock out the guy on the top left, but his briefcase also needs to fall down to the bottom level. Then you also need to knock out the two guys on the bottom level, which is easy. Now you'll have three briefcases on the same level, and you need to hit a ball that touches all three suitcases. The briefcases can be dropped slightly differently, and that'll affect whether or not the ball can even reach them all in one hit, so be prepared for lots of retrying until everything lines up, and then hope you get lucky that your ball bounces just right each time. Here's a video of it being done:


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