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Kingdom Come Deliverance: Treasure Map Locations & Solutions

Tutorial Name: Kingdom Come Deliverance: Treasure Map Locations & Solutions  

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Kingdom Come Deliverance: Treasure Map Locations & Solutions

There are 30 Treasure Maps in Kingdom Come Deliverance. This guide shows all Treasure Map Locations & Solutions so you know where to find all the secret loot.

You don't need to unlock the maps in order to find the treasures! You can go straight to the treasure location without acquiring the map. You can go to all of these locations as soon as completing Homecoming Main Quest. This is within the first 2-3 hours of the game.

Finding all treasures is the fastest way to get money in Kingdom Come Deliverance. It's also great for finding the best armor early in the game. Each treasure contains powerful armor parts and money. It's recommended that you keep the best armor pieces and sell the rest. Also keep one set of fine clothes that boost your charisma, it will come in handy in some dialogues. The treasure chests contain many books, too. These provide you with skill points and unlock new alchemy recipes.

Furthermore, the "Ancient Treasures DLC" is not needed to find the DLC treasures. This DLC simply gives you the maps for 5 treasure locations but even without downloading the DLC the treasures will be in the game. The DLC is NOT required to get the treasure loot.

Before You Start

    - You can head straight to the treasure location, no need to get the treasure map.

    - Some treasures require lockpicking. You learn lockpicking by doing The Good Thief Side Quest.

    - For treasure chests that require hard/very hard lockpicking, you can drink a padfoot potion, it increases your lockpicking by 5 levels for 10 minutes.

    - In the early game it's best to skip the treasures that require hard/very hard lockpicking. Just do the ones that require no equipment or a spade, as pointed out in the treasure guide below.

    - Some treasures require a spade. The spade is found at the Rattay Mill, by a cart in front of the mill.


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