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Asemblance - Nice Try

Tutorial Name: Asemblance - Nice Try  

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Note: This achievement can be done at any point in the game after you've already unlocked "AI Shutdown." It is recommended that you do it at your next opportunity (detailed below) so it's not forgotten.

While progressing to unlock this achievement, you will unlock "The Infinite Loop" first.

Immediately after unlocking "AI Shutdown," walk back to the terminal.

After the terminal boots up, it will ask you to press [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] to continue.

Standing at the terminal, select '431 E TERRACE DR 01 MAY 09:17'.

Enter the living room and just past the blue butterfly picture, turn right and you will see a clock sitting on an end table. Look at it and press [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] to zoom in and the clock will change from 9:18 to 2:13.

Turn around and walk down the hallway into the bedroom and walk across to the open door at the opposite end. Instead of being teleported back to the terminal room like before, you will see a woman standing there. Follow her through a room until you reach a hallway with a wall clock at the end. Walk up to the clock and the wall behind it will change color. Turn right and walk forward to enter the terminal room. Walk forward through the simulator door and you will loop back to the entrance of the room. Keep doing this for about 30 seconds (your walking gets increasingly faster each time you loop) until the screen goes haywire and you are standing once again in the terminal room. "The Infinite Loop" will unlock at this point.

Instead of interacting with the terminal, walk into that same darkened hallway to the panel. Press [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] to open it and then press [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] again a few times. The AI will say "what do you think was going to happen?" and shortly after the achievement will unlock.


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