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Amazing Princess Sarah - Destroy the evil

Tutorial Name: Amazing Princess Sarah - Destroy the evil  

Category: Xbox One Tutorials

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Defeat the Greater Lilith.

This will unlock after defeating the true boss in the fifth stage, 'Lilith's Hideout'. This boss only appears during the final playthrough, 'Vampire Princess'.

Despite her fearsome appearance, Lilith is a pushover compared to many of the earlier bosses. She floats approximately halfway up the screen and has only two attacks. Lilith will occasionally move toward Sarah and then attempt to drop and flatten her. While extremely damaging, the attack is easily dodged and leaves her vulnerable to a few quick sword strikes.

Lilith's second attack is to slowly drift across the screen dropping bombs, which can explode and damage Sarah. These bombs will be your primary source of damage against the boss. Pick them up, jump, and hurl them at Lilith as she drifts or when she is stationary at the right edge of the screen. If allowed to explode, the bombs will destroy floor panels, potentially creating holes through which Sarah can fall to her death. Work quickly to throw nearby bombs at Lilith and watch your step if holes begin to appear.


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