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Amazing Princess Sarah - Mirror kill

Tutorial Name: Amazing Princess Sarah - Mirror kill  

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Defeat the chasing ghost in Angry Princess.

This is an extremely time-consuming achievement. In the second playthrough, 'Angry Princess', a ghost of Sarah will follow you throughout each stage, approaching when your back is turned and stopping when you face it. Touching the ghost deals 15 HP of damage to Sarah. The ghost can only be damaged by thrown objects but possesses an immense amount of health. It is estimated the ghost has 20-30k HP.

For this reason, it's recommended you attempting this achievement after you have completed the final playthrough and Sarah is level 80-90. Start a new playthrough on 'Angry Princess' and run to the point toward the end of the first stage where a switch is flipped that drops 5-6 bombers and a few other enemies from the ceiling. Carefully kill all the non-bomber enemies. Hopefully, 2-3 of the bombers are in a tightly packed formation. Kill the others but keep these alive! They will walk back and forth across the screen, dropping bombs at short intervals. These can be picked up and thrown at the ghost, but make sure the bombers themselves are out of the blast radius. You should quickly settle into a rhythm of baiting the ghost and then throwing bombs, but be aware that even this method will take a while to deal enough damage to finish it off. The ghost's health bar will decrease just like a normal enemy, albeit extremely slowly.

It's also recommended leaving a few save statues untouched in case you need to replenish your health at any point. If you do accidentally kill the bombers, don't despair. Jump up to the higher levels (as if you were approaching the exit switch) and use thrown bats to finish the job. This will take considerably longer but there is an infinite supply of bats, so it can be done. Your reward for finally killing your mirror image? Death!


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