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Monster Hunter World Iceborne: How to Get Tailraider Skill

Tutorial Name: Monster Hunter World Iceborne: How to Get Tailraider Skill  

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Monster Hunter World Iceborne: How to Get Tailraider Signal Skill

The Monster Hunter World Iceborne expansion adds a new Palico gadget, called the Tailraider Signal skill. Hoarfrost Reach, the new region in MHW: Iceborne not only delivers a bunch of new monsters, but also a new grimalkyne faction called the Boaboa. Just as every other region, this faction has its own unique skill you can unlock for your own Palico!

What Tailraider Signal Skill Does

It allows you to place a smoke signal to call a grimalkyne (the little cats that belong to the clans on each map). This gadget is extremely useful when leveling up the grimalkyne factions in each region for the Treasures and Lynian Research Requests. So basically it helps with collectibles that are linked to trophies and achievements and it's wise to get this new skill as early as possible.

How to Unlock Tailraider Signal Skill

Step 1
In order to unlock the new tribe of Boaboa as your grimalkynes helpers you will first have to unlock all the other palico gagdets from the main game: Palico Gadgets Guide.

Step 2
Once all the other gadgets are unlocked, talk to the Lynian Researcher in Seliana, he will then tell you about the Boaboa tribe in Hoarfrost Reach (you must also have done the third story assignment on Master Rank where you kill Viper Tobi-Kadachi, otherwise the quest can't show up). Travel there (Camp 1) and the Lynian Researcher should be near the camp. Talk to him again and he will tell you more about the Boaboa. He lets you know, they are hunters and will only acknowledge you as a hunter when you slay a large monster in front of them.

Step 3
Head into the area north of the camp and you will notice small furry fellas with harpoons following you all the time. When they do, hunt a large monster in front of them. Once the monster is killed they will have you follow them into area 2 and grabbing a drake with your hook. This will take you to area 17 and through a small cave into their lair. This step should be done solo, as in co-op they reportedly don't observe the hunt and it may not work.

Step 4
Their leader will give you an optional quest for hunting a Tempered Beotodus. The Boaboa will accompany you during the hunt and once the optional quest is finished you will unlock a new Palico Gadget. The Tailraider Signal will let you place a smoke signal to call a grimalkyne helper to your party. Do note that this takes up one of your party slots so play solo to call the helper (in co-op your 4 party slots would be full already).


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