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How To Mod Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019

Tutorial Name: How To Mod Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019  

Category: PC Tutorials

Submitted By: oRemyy

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oRemyy - How To Mod Modern Warfare 2019

HxD Portable from: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
[ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
Websites: http://www.unit-conversion.info/texttools/hexadecimal/

Once installed open up "Modern Warfare" and "HxD 64 Bit"

To modify your own clan tag join/make a regiment with the amount of characters you want your tag to be, go into "HxD" and click "Tools" then "Open Main Memory" and select "Modern Warfare"
once you are looking at the memory of Modern Warfare hold down CTRL and press R and search for whatever clan tag you have in your regiments and replace it with the same ammount of buttons/text that is seen below, click replace all then CTRL + S.

To make a regiment go into "HxD" and click "Tools" then "Open Main Memory" and select "Modern Warfare", once you are looking at the memory of Modern Warfare go to the create a regiment screen and fill up the tag with filler text (you still cant have a tag someone else has already made) search and replace that filler text with the stuff listed below click replace all then CTRL + S, this can also be done with the name of the regiment and after replacing all click Create Regiment and if someone else hasn't taken it you should have it, sometimes it will state that your name is too short and that is because one of the things you added to the hex was a 00 which breaks everything
Connect HxD to your game like normal, put some random shit in your regiment clan tag like "YUeWx" = "59 55 65 57 78"
then go to the website listed above, find the hex of "YUeWx" and then find the hex of whatever you are trying to make
say the clan tag you are making is [F(A)M(back)(up)] hex "46 01 4d 0F 14", replace all instances of "59 55 65 57 78" with "46 01 4d 0F 14"

this is pretty much the same with all other stuff, you can modify just about anything in the game like the team names, blueprint names, camos, emblems, calling cards, clan tags, sprays, etc.
i am not responsible for any bans, this is just for educational purposes only.

-------------[Color Codes]-------------
^1 = RED
^2 = GREEN
^4 = BLUE
^5 = CYAN
^6 = PINK
^7 = WHITE
^0 = BLACK

-------------[Buttons]-[Hex Code]-------------

A / X = [] [01]
B / O = [] [02]
X / square = [] [03]
Y / triangle = [] [04]
LB = [] [05]
RB = [] [06]
LT = [] [12]
RT = [] [13]
LS = [] [10] or [] [18]
RS = [] [11] or [] [19]
Dpad UP = [] [14]
Dpad Left = [] [16]
Dpad Right = [] [17]
Dpad Down = [] [15]
Start = [] [0E]
Select = [] [0F]


Mouse Wheel = [] [df a0]
Mouse 4 = [] [df a1]
Mouse 3 = [] [df a2]
Mouse Wheel/\= [£] [df a3]
Mouse Wheel\/= [] [df a4]
Mouse = [] [df a5]
Audio = [] [df a6]
Ticket = [] [df a7]
Warning Red = [] [df a8]
Headshot = [] [df a9]
Headshot Sign= [] [df aa]
Unlock = [] [df ab]
Spinny Boi = [] [df ae]
Grenade = [] [df af]
Left Up = [] [df 87]
Right Up = [] [df 88]
Left Stick = [] [df 89]
Right Stick = [] [df 8a]
Left Stick = [] [df 8b]
Right Stick = [] [df 8c]
Mantle = [] [df 8d]
DPAD = [] [df 8e]
Pros = [] [df 8f]
Cons = [] [df 90]
Warning = [] [df 91]
Double Arrow = [] [df 92]
Lock = [] [df 94]
Cod Points = [] [df 96]
Up Arrow = [] [df 9a]
Down Arrow = [] [df 9b]
Left Arrow = [] [df 9c]
Right Arrow = [] [df 9d]
LMB = [] [df 9e]
RMB = [] [df 9f]
Shotgun = [] [df b0]
Scroll Wheel = [] [df b1]
Mouse + = [] [df b2]
Hitmarker = [] [df b4]
Key = [] [df b3]
Party = [] [df b5]

(i think alot of icons are not found yet, i have over 800K unicodes)


camo_00a Hot and Cold
camo_00b Activcamo
camo_00c Banded

camo_11a Gold
camo_11b Platinum
camo_11c Damascus
Camo_11d Obsidian

--[Spray Paint]--
camo_01a Desert Snake
camo_01b Commando
camo_01c Rip n'Tear
camo_01d Moroccan Snake
camo_01e Pitter Patter
camo_01f China Lake
camo_01g Pinstripe Suit
camo_01h Chain Link
camo_01i Nightfall
camo_01j Smoke

camo_02a Swamp
camo_02b Modern Woodland
camo_02c Desert Hybrid
camo_02d Sand Dance
camo_02e Marshland
camo_02f Kill Brush
camo_02g Warcom Greens
camo_02h Warcom Blues
camo_02i Nightfrost
camo_02j Canopy

camo_03a Urban Digital
camo_03b Jungle Digital
camo_03c Arctic Digital
camo_03d Forest Digital
camo_03e Marsh Digital
camo_03f Bark Digital
camo_03g Blue Digital
camo_03h Classic Digital
camo_03i Desert Digital
camo_03j Green Digital

camo_04a H2O
camo_04b Dirt
camo_04c Moss
camo_04d Tagged
camo_04e Black Top
camo_04f Asphalt
camo_04g Crime Scene
camo_04h Neon Pink
camo_04i Trailblazer
camo_04j Foliage

camo_05a Tundra
camo_05b Undergrowth
camo_05c Frostbite
camo_05d Ice Breaker
camo_05e Ruins
camo_05f Arctic Seafoam
camo_05g Angles
camo_05h Autumn Dazzle
camo_05i Arctic Abstract
camo_05j Sharp Edges

camo_06a Off-Grid
camo_06b Night Seas
camo_06c Marsh Ops
camo_06d Forestation
camo_06e Phosphor
camo_06f Vector Trails
camo_06g Topo Trip
camo_06h Barren
camo_06i Vanished
camo_06j SandStorm

camo_07a Overgrown
camo_07b Mudslide
camo_07c Dank Forest
camo_07d Abominable
camo_07e Faded Veil
camo_07f Feral Beast
camo_07g Tiger Stripes
camo_07h Desert Cat
camo_07i Red Tiger
camo_07j Blue Tiger

camo_08a Grassland
camo_08b Tigers Mane
camo_08c The Khan
camo_08d Savannah
camo_08e Zebra
camo_08f Bluegrass
camo_08g Africa
camo_08h Nu Wave Zebra
camo_08i Greengrass
camo_08j Pink Zebra

camo_09a Python
camo_09b Rattlesnake
camo_09c Komodo
camo_09d Blue Iguana
camo_09e Chupacabra
camo_09f Pink Python
camo_09g Anaconda
camo_09h Bullsnake
camo_09i Gecko
camo_09j Gartersnake

camo_10a Necropolis
camo_10b Corpse Digger
camo_10c Ossuary
camo_10d Haunting
camo_10e Phantom
camo_10f Forest Wraith
camo_10g Hemophiliac
camo_10h Skullduggery
camo_10i Cthulhu
camo_10j Lichyard

camo_12a Atlanta FaZe
camo_12b Chicago Huntsmen
camo_12c Dallas Empire
camo_12d Florida Mutineers
camo_12e Los Angeles Guerrillas
camo_12f London Royal Ravens
camo_12g Minnesota RKKR
camo_12h New York Subliners
camo_12i OpTic Gaming Los Angeles
camo_12j Paris Legion
camo_12k Seattle Surge
camo_12l Toronto Ultra


st_card_1 Make Dove, Not War
st_card_2 None Shall Pass
st_card_3 Adam Bomb
st_card_4 Bouquet O' Bullets
st_card_5 War and Peace
st_card_6 Banhammer
st_card_7 Love Hurts
st_card_8 Heartbreaker
st_card_9 Hello Copters!
st_card_10 Scoped In
st_card_11 Hair Trigger
st_card_12 Instant Organ Donor
st_card_13 We're Good
st_card_14 Iron Enriched
st_card_15 Rinse and Repeat
st_card_16 Amateur Botanist
st_card_17 Mary Jane
st_card_18 In the Weeds
st_card_19 Joint Ops
st_card_20 Spliffhanger
st_card_21 Rugged
st_card_22 Big Picture
st_card_23 Redemption
st_card_24 Triplets
st_card_25 Staging Area
st_card_26 Bubblegun
st_card_27 Bullets for Days
st_card_28 Shiny and New
st_card_29 Double Tap
st_card_30 Heavy Hitters
st_card_31 Seeing Red
st_card_32 Smoke Test
st_card_33 Double Vision
st_card_34 Hot Box
st_card_35 Akimbo
st_card_36 Strike Team
st_card_37 Skull Splitter
st_card_38 Head2Head
st_card_39 Rattle Mags
st_card_40 Death Support
st_card_41 Off-Roading
st_card_42 P0W3R L04D3R
st_card_43 Rex's Revenge
st_card_44 Mile High
st_card_45 En Route
st_card_46 Under Control
st_card_47 Clear Under Here
st_card_48 Form Up
st_card_49 Hard Landing
st_card_50 Combatourous Rex
st_card_51 Let's Ride
st_card_52 Testing the Waters
st_card_53 Fire Warriors
st_card_55 What Sniper?
st_card_56 Swamp Raider
st_card_57 Low Rider
st_card_58 Cloud Cover
st_card_59 Gassed Out
st_card_60 Stealth Assault
st_card_61 The Omniscient
st_card_62 Rolling Horizon
st_card_63 Welcome to the Jungle
st_card_64 On your Mind
st_card_65 In the Field
st_card_66 Sacrifices Made
st_card_67 Take Flight
st_card_68 Armored Corp
st_card_69 Shadow of Death
st_card_70 Dry Heat
st_card_71 Airborne Man
st_card_72 Into the Sunset
st_card_73 Juiced Up
st_card_74 Trick Shot
st_card_75 Violet Vendetta
st_card_76 Let's Jet
st_card_77 Bandita
st_card_78 Bury the Hatchet
st_card_79 Valorous
st_card_80 Hatchet Job
st_card_81 Shhhh...
st_card_82 Parting Gift
st_card_83 Danger Zone
st_card_84 Perfect Vision
st_card_85 Corrective Surgery
st_card_86 All Star
st_card_87 Salutations
st_card_88 Dead Roses
st_card_89 Up in Arms
st_card_90 Target Acquired
st_card_91 Neutral Party
st_card_92 Protective Gear
st_card_93 Red Jet
st_card_94 Blessed Excrement
st_card_95 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
st_card_96 Minor Accident
st_card_97 Anger Management
st_card_98 Politely Disagree
st_card_99 Tongue Tied challenge
st_card_100 pink legs girl
st_card_107 Knockout
st_card_108 Face B Gone
st_card_109 Online Dentist
st_card_110 Boot Camp
st_card_111 Hooah
st_card_112 Behind the Lines
st_card_113 The Brave
st_card_114 Ode to the Brave
st_card_115 Unseen Strength
st_card_116 Bird Incoming
st_card_117 Eternal Struggle
st_card_118 Paid the Price
st_card_119 Kaleidoscope
st_card_120 Night Raid
st_card_121 Gunship
st_card_122 Skyline
st_card_124 My Collection
st_card_125 Arachnophobia
st_card_126 Smite Them
st_card_127 Dragon's Rage
st_card_128 Old God
st_card_129 End of Times
st_card_130 Mace Face
st_card_131 Burning Tranquility
st_card_132 Revenge Reflux
st_card_133 Devil's Horns
st_card_134 Electric Blade
st_card_135 Ghillie Warfare
st_card_136 Wetworks
st_card_137 Rollin Out
st_card_138 Overwatch
st_card_139 Bloodlight
st_card_140 Night Night
st_card_141 Bravo Six
st_card_142 Use Soap
st_card_143 Going Loud
st_card_144 Spotted
st_card_145 Shock & Awe
st_card_146 Layover
st_card_147 Activcombat
st_card_148 Aces High
st_card_149 The Bird
st_card_150 Daily Affirmation
st_card_151 New York Hello
st_card_152 Trash Talk
st_card_153 Five Finger Fillet
st_card_154 Insatiable
st_card_155 Repugnance
st_card_156 Mondays
st_card_157 Blood Donor
st_card_158 Card 158
st_card_159 Catching Air
st_card_160 Card 160
st_card_161 Rolling Thunder
st_card_162 Lone Wolves
st_card_163 Fertile Green
st_card_164 Seeing Double
st_card_165 Toxify
st_card_166 Eye Opener
st_card_167 Affrodisiac
st_card_168 Skirting Death
st_card_169 Card 169
st_card_170 Card 170
st_card_171 Card 171
st_card_172 Card 172
st_card_173 Armory
st_card_174 Revive
st_card_175 Collect Your Soul not it
st_card_176 Game Over
st_card_177 The Fallen
st_card_178 Skulls in Arms
st_card_179 Death Stare
st_card_180 Helping Hand
st_card_181 Raid
st_card_182 Sunken Eyes
st_card_183 The Smith
st_card_184 Skull Ray not it
st_card_185 Caught in a Web
st_card_186 Bat Races
st_card_187 Eating Time
st_card_188 Nevermore
st_card_189 Shark Bait
st_card_190 Starlight
st_card_191 Clashing Blades
st_card_192 Howling Grizzly
st_card_193 Caw-Caw
st_card_194 Thunderous Bellow
st_card_195 Green Leaf
st_card_196 Thunder Globe
st_card_197 Wisp
st_card_198 Gunclub
st_card_199 Skull Spy
st_card_200 Woofer
st_card_201 Crawler
st_card_202 Wise Raptor
st_card_203 CYA
st_card_204 Kill-Bit
st_card_205 Gun Rattler
st_card_206 Dead End
st_card_207 Cold-Blooded Killer
st_card_208 Sleeved Assassin
st_card_209 Kill Confirmed
st_card_210 Hiking Hellstorm
st_card_211 One-Handed
st_card_212 I Shot First
st_card_213 On Sight
st_card_214 Press F
st_card_215 Cold-Blood Brothers
st_card_216 Hand Cannon
st_card_217 Clack BOOM
st_card_218 Gun Art
st_card_219 Arms Race
st_card_220 Chest Peace
st_card_221 Gun Show
st_card_222 Faded Memories
st_card_223 Time to Play
st_card_224 Breaching Beauty
st_card_225 Ready for More
st_card_226 Razzle Dazzle
st_card_227 Heart Breaker
st_card_228 Wanna Dance?
st_card_229 Breach Babe
st_card_230 Whip it Out
st_card_231 For the Ladies
st_card_232 Tip for the Gals
st_card_233 Flexed Pecks
st_card_234 Hack This!
st_card_235 Trained Killer
st_card_236 Don't Look Back
st_card_237 Venerable Brat
st_card_238 Try Me
st_card_239 Influencer
st_card_240 Hold the Line
st_card_241 Phalanx
st_card_242 Chummed Waters
st_card_243 Card 243
st_card_244 Card 244
st_card_245 Card 245
st_card_246 Sudden Strike
st_card_247 Mighty Mushroom
st_card_248 That's Gotta Sting
st_card_249 Rainin' Lead
st_card_250 The Drifter
st_card_251 Point Taken
st_card_252 Covert Operation

st_card_253 Desolate Despair
st_card_254 Neigh Slayer
st_card_255 Empty Vision
st_card_256 Empty Remains
st_card_257 Abandoned
st_card_258 Drone
st_card_259 Barnstorming
st_card_260 Tennis
st_card_261 Chopper Command
st_card_262 Decathlon
st_card_263 Dragster
st_card_264 Ice Hockey
st_card_265 Pitfall!
st_card_266 Megamania
st_card_267 Laser Blast
st_card_268 Activision
st_card_269 Raven
st_card_270 Beenox
st_card_271 High Moon
st_card_272 Infinity ward
st_card_273 Activision CT
st_card_274 Demonware
st_card_275 ATVI Shanghai
st_card_276 Treyarch
st_card_277 USA
st_card_278 Sweden
st_card_279 Spain
st_card_280 Slovakia
st_card_281 Russia
st_card_282 Portugal
st_card_283 Netherlands
st_card_284 Japan
st_card_285 Italy
st_card_286 Ireland
st_card_287 United Kingdom
st_card_288 Germany
st_card_289 France
st_card_290 England
st_card_291 Colombia
st_card_292 China
st_card_293 Canada
st_card_294 Brazil
st_card_295 Australia
st_card_296 Argentina
st_card_297 Watching Corners
st_card_298 Stone Cold
st_card_299 Fire Team
st_card_300 Charlie Foxtrot
st_card_301 Focused
st_card_302 Police Line
st_card_303 Street Lights
st_card_304 Interrogation
st_card_305 On the Wind
st_card_306 Dark Dive
st_card_307 Stand Alone
st_card_308 Irradiated
st_card_309 Bale
st_card_310 Rodion
st_card_311 Minotaur
st_card_312 Kreuger
st_card_313 Yegor
st_card_314 Syd
st_card_315 Thorne
st_card_316 Otter
st_card_317 Charly
st_card_318 Wyatt
st_card_319 Alice
st_card_320 Raines
st_card_321 Zane
st_card_322 Azur
st_card_323 D-Day
st_card_324 Golem
st_card_325 Grinch
st_card_326 Domino
st_card_327 Light Up
st_card_328 Firefly
st_card_329 Hang Back
st_card_330 Step Lightly
st_card_331 Green Team
st_card_332 In the Darkness
st_card_333 Trigger Discipline
st_card_334 Stealthy Blue
st_card_335 Wavelength
st_card_336 Battle Cry
st_card_337 Dust Storm
st_card_339 Terrorist
st_card_340 A Moment
st_card_341 Modern Warfare
st_card_342 Demon Days
st_card_343 Lights Out
st_card_344 Rebreather
st_card_345 Gasses
st_card_346 All Ghillied Up
st_card_347 Suppressing Fire!
st_card_348 Scout Ahead
st_card_349 Armored Support
st_card_350 Man vs Machine
st_card_351 Bridge Player
st_card_352 Hit the Deck
st_card_353 Treeline
st_card_354 Tank'D
st_card_355 Adrenaline Rush
st_card_356 Bright Future
st_card_357 I See You
st_card_358 Stand Together
st_card_359 Take Point
st_card_360 Brighter Tomorrow
st_card_361 Tracer
st_card_362 Cool Guys
st_card_363 Stay Frosty
st_card_364 ST_CARD_364
st_card_365 ST_CARD_365
st_card_366 ST_CARD_366
st_card_367 ST_CARD_367
st_card_368 ST_CARD_368
st_card_369 ST_CARD_369
st_card_370 ST_CARD_370
st_card_371 ST_CARD_371
st_card_372 Chimera
st_card_373 Warcom
st_card_374 Spetsnaz
st_card_375 Devil Dogs
st_card_376 African Front
st_card_377 SAS
st_card_378 Allegiance
st_card_379 Coalition
st_card_380 Boneyard
st_card_381 Make 'Em Roll
st_card_382 Grassland
st_card_383 Deciduous
st_card_384 Coniferous
st_card_385 Overgrown
st_card_386 Melted
st_card_387 Riptide
st_card_388 Chameleon
st_card_389 Ruins
st_card_390 Ice Breaker
st_card_391 Frostbite
st_card_392 Undergrowth
st_card_393 Crimson Storm
st_card_394 Fall
st_card_395 Aftermath
st_card_396 ST_CARD_396
st_card_397 Toxic
st_card_398 Tundra
st_card_399 Green Tech
st_card_400 Desert Digital
st_card_401 Woodland Digital
st_card_402 8-bit Brown
st_card_403 Classic Digital
st_card_404 Arctic Digital
st_card_405 Jungle Digital
st_card_406 Urban Digital
st_card_407 SAS Woodland
st_card_408 Nigerian Commando
st_card_409 Warcom Greens
st_card_410 Desert Hybrid
st_card_411 Modern Woodland
st_card_412 Swamp
st_card_413 Smoke
st_card_414 Molasses
st_card_415 Pinstripe Suit
st_card_416 China Lake
st_card_417 ST_CARD_417
st_card_418 Moroccan Snake
st_card_419 Rip n'Tear
st_card_420 From the Ash
st_card_421 Desert Snake
st_card_422 Creeping Vines
st_card_423 Savannah
st_card_424 Haunting
st_card_425 Always a Party
st_card_426 Sledgehammer not animated
st_card_427 Gettin' Vertical!
st_card_428 ST_CARD_428
st_card_429 Abominable
st_card_430 ST_CARD_430
st_card_431 ST_CARD_431
st_card_432 Dazzling Dash
st_card_433 Mothman
st_card_434 Wish Granter
st_card_435 Magic Powers
st_card_436 Squatch
st_card_437 Main Stage
st_card_438 ST_CARD_438
st_card_439 Rat Race
st_card_440 ST_CARD_440
st_card_441 ST_CARD_441
st_card_442 ST_CARD_442
st_card_443 ST_CARD_443
st_card_444 ST_CARD_444
st_card_445 ST_CARD_445
st_card_446 ST_CARD_446
st_card_447 ST_CARD_447
st_card_448 ST_CARD_448
st_card_449 ST_CARD_449
st_card_450 ST_CARD_450
st_card_451 ST_CARD_451
st_card_452 Not the Face!
st_card_453 Got your Back
st_card_454 Cover Me
st_card_455 Confirmed
st_card_456 Eye Protection
st_card_457 Target Spotted
st_card_458 Got a Visual
st_card_459 Too Fast
st_card_460 Two Brothers
st_card_461 Two Time
st_card_462 Trackers
st_card_463 Light 'Em Up
st_card_464 ST_CARD_464 solider crying animated
st_card_465 ST_CARD_465
st_card_466 ST_CARD_466
st_card_467 ST_CARD_467
st_card_468 Extreme Measures
st_card_469 ST_CARD_469
st_card_470 ST_CARD_470
st_card_471 Shadowy Figures
st_card_472 Say Hello
st_card_473 ST_CARD_473
st_card_474 Freedom Fighters
st_card_475 ST_CARD_475
st_card_476 Mowed Down
st_card_477 ST_CARD_477
st_card_478 ST_CARD_478
st_card_479 EMP Drone
st_card_481 ST_CARD_481
st_card_482 Tac Insertion
st_card_483 VTOL Strike
st_card_484 Sentry Turret
st_card_485 Counter UAV
st_card_486 Recon Drone
st_card_487 Shield Turret
st_card_488 Emergency Airdrop
st_card_489 UAV
st_card_490 Advanced UAV
st_card_491 Infantry Assault Vehicle
st_card_492 Trophy System
st_card_493 ST_CARD_493
st_card_494 ST_CARD_494
st_card_495 ST_CARD_495
st_card_496 ST_CARD_496
st_card_497 ST_CARD_497
st_card_498 ST_CARD_498
st_card_499 ST_CARD_499 shark
st_card_500 ST_CARD_500
st_card_501 Light Snack
st_card_502 ST_CARD_502
st_card_503 ST_CARD_503
st_card_504 ST_CARD_504
st_card_505 ST_CARD_505
st_card_506 ST_CARD_506
st_card_507 ST_CARD_507
st_card_508 ST_CARD_508
st_card_509 ST_CARD_509
st_card_510 ST_CARD_510
st_card_511 ST_CARD_511
st_card_512 ST_CARD_512
st_card_513 Getting away
st_card_514 The Banker
st_card_515 Vault Assault
st_card_516 ST_CARD_516
st_card_517 ST_CARD_517
st_card_518 Rooftop Raid
st_card_519 ST_CARD_519
st_card_520 ST_CARD_520
st_card_521 Infiltrate the Quarry 1
st_card_523 Wheelson 1
st_card_524 Urzikstan

st_card_525 Activision Staff
st_card_526 BeenoX animated
st_card_527 activision CT amiated
st_card_528 DemonWare amnimated
st_card_529 High Moon animated
st_card_530 Infinity Ward animated1
st_card_532 AcTvi shanghaianimated
st_card_533 SledgeHammer Animated
st_card_534 treyarch ANimated
st_card_535 Flying Ace

st_card_536 River Raider
st_card_537 Global Domination
st_card_538 Chopper Commando
st_card_539 Kaboom!
st_card_540 Harry Situation
st_card_541 Roadbuster
st_card_542 Megamaniac
st_card_543 Grand Prix
st_card_544 Star Freeway
st_card_546 Burger Town
st_card_545 141
st_card_548 ST_CARD_548
st_card_549 ST_CARD_549
st_card_550 Diplomacy
st_card_551 ST_CARD_551
st_card_552 ST_CARD_552
st_card_553 You First
st_card_554 ST_CARD_554
st_card_555 ST_CARD_555
st_card_556 ST_CARD_556
st_card_557 ST_CARD_557
st_card_558 ST_CARD_558
st_card_559 ST_CARD_559
st_card_560 ST_CARD_560
st_card_561 ST_CARD_561
st_card_562 ST_CARD_562
st_card_563 ST_CARD_563
st_card_564 ST_CARD_564
st_card_565 ST_CARD_565
st_card_566 ST_CARD_566 heli stornm
st_card_567 ST_CARD_567
st_card_568 ST_CARD_568
st_card_569 ST_CARD_569
st_card_570 ST_CARD_570
st_card_571 ST_CARD_571
st_card_572 ST_CARD_572
st_card_573 ST_CARD_573
st_card_574 ST_CARD_574
st_card_575 ST_CARD_575
st_card_576 ST_CARD_576
st_card_577 ST_CARD_577
st_card_578 ST_CARD_578
st_card_579 ST_CARD_579
st_card_580 ST_CARD_580
st_card_581 ST_CARD_581
st_card_582 ST_CARD_582
st_card_583 ST_CARD_583
st_card_584 ST_CARD_584
st_card_585 ST_CARD_585
st_card_586 ST_CARD_586
st_card_587 ST_CARD_587
st_card_588 ST_CARD_588
st_card_589 ST_CARD_589
st_card_590 ST_CARD_590
st_card_591 ST_CARD_591
st_card_592 ST_CARD_592
st_card_593 ST_CARD_593
st_card_594 ST_CARD_594
st_card_595 ST_CARD_595
st_card_596 ST_CARD_596
st_card_597 ST_CARD_597
st_card_598 ST_CARD_598
st_card_599 ST_CARD_599
st_card_600 ST_CARD_600
st_card_601 Death's Wings
st_card_602 Eye of the Storm
st_card_603 ST_CARD_603
st_card_604 Rogue Wave
st_card_605 ST_CARD_605
st_card_606 Aggro Ape
st_card_607 Hydra Flames
st_card_608 Burrowing Behemoth
st_card_609 ST_CARD_609
st_card_610 ST_CARD_610
st_card_611 Ice Myths
st_card_612 Three Headed Hunt
st_card_613 Megalophobia
st_card_614 City's End
st_card_615 Wyvern's Firestorm
st_card_616 Battle Bot
st_card_617 Robo Gas
st_card_618 ST_CARD_618
st_card_619 ST_CARD_619
st_card_620 ST_CARD_620
st_card_621 ST_CARD_621
st_card_622 ST_CARD_622
st_card_623 ST_CARD_623
st_card_624 ST_CARD_624
st_card_625 ST_CARD_625
st_card_626 ST_CARD_626
st_card_627 ST_CARD_627
st_card_628 ST_CARD_628
st_card_629 ST_CARD_629
st_card_630 Big Rush
st_card_631 ST_CARD_631
st_card_632 ST_CARD_632
st_card_633 ST_CARD_633
st_card_634 ST_CARD_634
st_card_635 ST_CARD_635
st_card_636 ST_CARD_636
st_card_637 ST_CARD_637
st_card_638 ST_CARD_638
st_card_639 ST_CARD_639
st_card_640 ST_CARD_640
st_card_641 ST_CARD_641
st_card_642 ST_CARD_642
st_card_643 ST_CARD_643
st_card_644 ST_CARD_644
st_card_645 ST_CARD_645
st_card_646 ST_CARD_646
st_card_647 ST_CARD_647
st_card_648 ST_CARD_648
st_card_649 ST_CARD_649
st_card_650 ST_CARD_650
st_card_651 ST_CARD_651
st_card_652 ST_CARD_652
st_card_653 ST_CARD_653 cool pink calling card

st_card_654 ST_CARD_654 cool card card
st_card_655 ST_CARD_655
st_card_656 ST_CARD_656
st_card_657 ST_CARD_657
st_card_658 ST_CARD_658
st_card_659 ST_CARD_659
st_card_660 ST_CARD_660
st_card_661 ST_CARD_661
st_card_662 ST_CARD_662
st_card_663 ST_CARD_663
st_card_664 ST_CARD_664
st_card_665 ST_CARD_665
st_card_666 ST_CARD_666
st_card_667 Kickin' It
st_card_668 ST_CARD_668
st_card_669 Lace Your Boots
st_card_670 ST_CARD_670
st_card_671 ST_CARD_671
st_card_672 ST_CARD_672
st_card_673 ST_CARD_673
st_card_674 ST_CARD_674
st_card_675 ST_CARD_675
st_card_676 ST_CARD_676
st_card_677 ST_CARD_677
st_card_678 ST_CARD_678
st_card_679 ST_CARD_679
st_card_680 ST_CARD_680
st_card_681 ST_CARD_681
st_card_682 ST_CARD_682
st_card_683 ST_CARD_683
st_card_684 ST_CARD_684
st_card_685 ST_CARD_685
st_card_686 ST_CARD_686
st_card_687 ST_CARD_687
st_card_688 ST_CARD_688
st_card_689 ST_CARD_689
st_card_690 ST_CARD_690
st_card_691 ST_CARD_691
st_card_692 ST_CARD_692
st_card_693 ST_CARD_693
st_card_694 ST_CARD_694
st_card_695 ST_CARD_695
st_card_696 ST_CARD_696
st_card_697 ST_CARD_697
st_card_698 ST_CARD_698
st_card_699 ST_CARD_699
st_card_700 ST_CARD_700
st_card_701 ST_CARD_701
st_card_702 ST_CARD_702
st_card_703 ST_CARD_703
st_card_704 ST_CARD_704
st_card_705 ST_CARD_705
st_card_706 ST_CARD_706
st_card_707 ST_CARD_707
st_card_708 ST_CARD_708
st_card_709 ST_CARD_709
st_card_710 ST_CARD_710
st_card_711 ST_CARD_711
st_card_712 On Alert
st_card_713 ST_CARD_713
st_card_714 ST_CARD_714
st_card_715 ST_CARD_715
st_card_716 ST_CARD_716
st_card_717 ST_CARD_717
st_card_718 ST_CARD_718
st_card_719 ST_CARD_719
st_card_720 ST_CARD_720
st_card_721 ST_CARD_721
st_card_722 ST_CARD_722
st_card_723 Death Awaits
st_card_724 ST_CARD_724
st_card_725 Old Friends
st_card_726 ST_CARD_726
st_card_727 ST_CARD_727
st_card_728 ST_CARD_728
st_card_729 ST_CARD_729
st_card_730 ST_CARD_730
st_card_731 ST_CARD_731
st_card_732 ST_CARD_732
st_card_733 ST_CARD_733
st_card_734 ST_CARD_734
st_card_735 ST_CARD_735
st_card_736 ST_CARD_736
st_card_737 ST_CARD_737
st_card_741 ST_CARD_741
st_card_744 ST_CARD_744
st_card_746 ST_CARD_746
st_card_748 ST_CARD_748
st_card_749 ST_CARD_749
st_card_752 ST_CARD_752
st_card_754 ST_CARD_754
st_card_755 ST_CARD_755
st_card_756 ST_CARD_756
st_card_757 ST_CARD_757
st_card_758 Guerrilla Training
st_card_759 ST_CARD_759
st_card_760 ST_CARD_760
st_card_761 ST_CARD_761
st_card_762 Kodiak Country
st_card_763 ST_CARD_763
st_card_764 ST_CARD_764
st_card_765 ST_CARD_765
st_card_766 Successful Hunt
st_card_767 ST_CARD_767
st_card_768 ST_CARD_768
st_card_769 Nocturnal Predator
st_card_770 ST_CARD_770
st_card_771 Master Fisher
st_card_772 ST_CARD_772
st_card_773 ST_CARD_773
st_card_774 Party Favors
st_card_775 ST_CARD_775
st_card_776 ST_CARD_776
st_card_777 ST_CARD_777
st_card_778 ST_CARD_778
st_card_779 ST_CARD_779
st_card_780 ST_CARD_780
st_card_781 Hidden Golem
st_card_782 ST_CARD_782
st_card_783 ST_CARD_783
st_card_784 ST_CARD_784
st_card_785 ST_CARD_785
st_card_786 ST_CARD_786
st_card_787 ST_CARD_787
st_card_788 ST_CARD_788
st_card_789 ST_CARD_789
st_card_790 ST_CARD_790
st_card_791 ST_CARD_791 rocket laucncher
st_card_792 In My Sights
st_card_793 Corner
st_card_794 ST_CARD_794 idk1
st_card_795 Quickdraw
st_card_796 Firing Season
st_card_797 Fog of War
st_card_798 Entrenched
st_card_799 ST_CARD_799
st_card_800 For the Kill
st_card_801 Silent Death
st_card_802 ST_CARD_802
st_card_803 ST_CARD_803
st_card_804 ST_CARD_804
st_card_805 ST_CARD_805
st_card_806 ST_CARD_806
st_card_807 Breach
st_card_808 Back to Back
st_card_809 Standoff
st_card_810 Into The Dark
st_card_811 Woods Cutter
st_card_812 Embers
st_card_813 Smoked 'Em
st_card_814 Price's Holiday
st_card_815 Aurora
st_card_816 Atlanta FaZe
st_card_817 Chicago Huntsmen
st_card_818 Dallas Empire
st_card_819 Florida Mutineers
st_card_820 Los Angeles Guerrillas
st_card_821 OpTic Gaming Los Angeles
st_card_822 London Royal Ravens
st_card_823 Minnesota RKKR
st_card_824 New York Subliners
st_card_825 Paris Legion
st_card_826 Seattle Surge
st_card_827 Toronto Ultra
st_card_828 Lion Dance
st_card_829 ST CARD 829
st_card_830 ST CARD 830
st_card_831 ST CARD 831
st_card_832 ST CARD 832
st_card_833 ST CARD 833
st_card_834 ST CARD 834
st_card_835 ST CARD 835
st_card_836 ST CARD 836
st_card_837 ST CARD 837
st_card_838 ST CARD 838
st_card_839 ST CARD 839
st_card_840 ST CARD 840
st_card_841 ST CARD 841
st_card_842 ST CARD 842
st_card_843 ST CARD 843
st_card_844 ST CARD 844
st_card_845 ST CARD 845
st_card_846 ST CARD 846
st_card_847 ST CARD 847
st_card_848 ST CARD 848
st_card_849 ST CARD 849
st_card_850 ST CARD 850
st_card_851 ST CARD 851
st_card_852 Ink Spiller
st_card_853 ST CARD 853
st_card_854 ST CARD 854
st_card_855 Ghost Wind
st_card_856 ST CARD 856
st_card_857 ST CARD 857
st_card_858 ST CARD 858
st_card_859 ST CARD 859
st_card_860 ST CARD 860
st_card_861 ST CARD 861
st_card_862 ST CARD 862
st_card_863 Inked Squad
st_card_864 ST CARD 864
st_card_865 ST CARD 865
st_card_866 ST CARD 866
st_card_867 ST CARD 867
st_card_868 ST CARD 868
st_card_869 ST CARD 869
st_card_870 ST CARD 870
st_card_871 ST CARD 871
st_card_872 ST CARD 872
st_card_873 ST CARD 873
st_card_874 ST CARD 874
st_card_875 ST CARD 875
st_card_876 ST CARD 876
st_card_877 ST CARD 877
st_card_878 ST CARD 878
st_card_879 ST CARD 879
st_card_880 ST CARD 880
st_card_881 ST CARD 881
st_card_882 ST CARD 882
st_card_883 ST CARD 883
st_card_884 ST CARD 884
st_card_885 ST CARD 885
st_card_886 ST CARD 886
st_card_887 ST CARD 887
st_card_888 ST CARD 888
st_card_889 ST CARD 889
st_card_890 ST CARD 890
st_card_891 ST CARD 891
st_card_892 ST CARD 892
st_card_893 ST CARD 893
st_card_894 ST CARD 894
st_card_895 ST CARD 895
st_card_896 ST CARD 896
st_card_897 ST CARD 897
st_card_898 ST CARD 898
st_card_899 ST CARD 899
st_card_900 ST CARD 900
st_card_901 ST CARD 901
st_card_902 ST CARD 902
st_card_903 ST CARD 903
st_card_904 ST CARD 904
st_card_905 ST CARD 905 cool under water animated
st_card_906 Trishot - Azure
st_card_907 Trishot - D-Day
st_card_908 Trishot - Golem
st_card_909 Trishot - Minotaur
st_card_910 Trishot - Otter
st_card_911 Trishot - Raines
st_card_912 Trishot - Thorne
st_card_913 Trishot - Wyatt
st_card_914 Trishot - Yegor
st_card_915 Trishot - Zane


emblem_001 Mauled
emblem_002 Hivemind
emblem_003 Wings of Valor
emblem_004 Cubed
emblem_005 AstrologicusLp973644
emblem_006 Parallel Pyramids
emblem_007 Verdant Torment
emblem_008 Light Hearted
emblem_009 Murdergami
emblem_010 Playing Koi
emblem_011 Scarlet Reapers
emblem_012 Tactical Edge
emblem_013 Weighed Down
emblem_014 Global Merit
emblem_015 Gilded Legionnaires
emblem_016 Valor Victorious
emblem_017 Freedom Fighter
emblem_018 Skull and Blades
emblem_019 Gilded Death
emblem_020 Justice Platoon
emblem_021 Brain-Kebab
emblem_022 Honor and Command
emblem_023 Punked
emblem_024 Hellhound
emblem_025 Death in the Machine
emblem_026 Cyber Chomper
emblem_027 Orbital Strike
emblem_028 Zombie Bump
emblem_029 Grin Goblin
emblem_030 Sssstrike
emblem_031 Skull Trooper
emblem_032 Grim Beauty
emblem_033 Frostfang
emblem_034 Gelatinous Rube
emblem_035 High Voltage
emblem_036 Seadog
emblem_037 Agent MSZ
emblem_038 Emerald Emissions
emblem_039 D.L.U.D Intel
emblem_040 Prickly
emblem_041 T-Arizona
emblem_042 Recipe G.A.M.E.R.O
emblem_043 D.M.A.C
emblem_044 Overseer C-MAL
emblem_045 Bloody Vaidy
emblem_046 ARENAS Protection
emblem_047 G.O.M.E Illuminations
emblem_048 Cracked Colossus
emblem_049 Growmaster
emblem_050 K.T. Love
emblem_051 Edge Lord
emblem_052 Memento Mori
emblem_053 A.J. Apothecary
emblem_054 DROZA Champions
emblem_055 Hyena Howl
emblem_056 Hyena's Fury
emblem_057 Night Watcher
emblem_058 Wyvern Corps
emblem_059 Wolf Pack
emblem_060 Wolf's Mantel
emblem_061 Darkest Depths
emblem_062 Atlantis Frontier
emblem_063 Skeleton Corps
emblem_064 Bad Beret
emblem_065 Knights Honor
emblem_066 Knights Chivalry
emblem_067 DingoBat
emblem_068 Stoic Sentinel
emblem_069 Night Hunter
emblem_070 Poseidon's Fury
emblem_071 Death Ops
emblem_072 King's Seal
emblem_073 EMBLEM_073 silver wolf animated
emblem_074 EMBLEM_074 silver wold animaed2
emblem_075 EMBLEM_075 silver wolf animaed3
emblem_076 EMBLEM_076 silver wold animated4
emblem_077 EMBLEM_077 silver wolf animated5
emblem_078 EMBLEM_078 silver wolf animated6

emblem_079 EMBLEM_079 wolf but not silver
emblem_080 EMBLEM_080 walf but not silver2
emblem_081 EMBLEM_081
emblem_082 EMBLEM_082
emblem_083 EMBLEM_083
emblem_084 EMBLEM_084
emblem_085 Gremlin
emblem_086 Grim Gargoyle
emblem_087 Statuesque
emblem_088 Ocean's Fury
emblem_089 Red Honor
emblem_090 Honor Bound
emblem_091 EMBLEM_091
emblem_092 Flying Skulls
emblem_093 EMBLEM_093
emblem_094 3 Strikes
emblem_095 Bite the Bullet
emblem_096 Brazen Anchors
emblem_097 Anchors Away"
emblem_098 EMBLEM_098
emblem_099 Put a Pin In It
emblem_100 EMBLEM_100
emblem_101 Gassed Gods
emblem_102 EMBLEM_102
emblem_103 EMBLEM_103
emblem_104 Shining Eagle
emblem_105 Clad Colleseum
emblem_106 Silver Valor
emblem_107 knife's Edge
emblem_108 EMBLEM_108
emblem_109 GloryF Swords
emblem_110 EMBLEM_110
emblem_111 Jolly Roger's Legacy
emblem_112 Cross Swords
emblem_113 EMBLEM_113
emblem_114 Bear Bites
emblem_115 In Flight
emblem_116 Chrome Rams
emblem_117 Valor Stars
emblem_118 EMBLEM_118
emblem_119 Wading Marauder
emblem_120 Viper Valor
emblem_121 Airborne
emblem_122 Jump Master
emblem_123 Sea Worthy
emblem_124 EMBLEM_124
emblem_125 EMBLEM_125
emblem_126 EMBLEM_126
emblem_127 EMBLEM_127
emblem_128 3-Pronged Attack
emblem_129 The Anchor
emblem_130 EMBLEM_130
emblem_131 Star Command
emblem_132 Grinning Reaper
emblem_133 EMBLEM_133
emblem_134 EMBLEM_134
emblem_135 EMBLEM_135
emblem_136 EMBLEM_136
emblem_137 EMBLEM_137
emblem_138 Ace Combatant
emblem_139 The Martyr
emblem_140 EMBLEM_140
emblem_141 EMBLEM_141
emblem_142 Splitting Headache
emblem_143 War Dog
emblem_144 Airborne Commander
emblem_145 Winged Death
emblem_146 Shock N' Awe
emblem_147 Finger of God
emblem_148 Bladed Wings
emblem_149 Skull Crusher
emblem_150 EMBLEM_150
emblem_151 Venom Strike
emblem_152 Struck Down
emblem_153 EMBLEM_153
emblem_154 EMBLEM_154
emblem_155 Two Toned Teeth: Red
emblem_156 Two Toned Teeth: Silver
emblem_157 EMBLEM_157
emblem_158 Citadel Defenders
emblem_159 EMBLEM_159
emblem_160 EMBLEM_160
emblem_161 Grim Fate
emblem_162 EMBLEM_162
emblem_163 EMBLEM_163
emblem_164 EMBLEM_164
emblem_165 Night Owls
emblem_166 Ace of Spades
emblem_167 Explosive Puppeteers
emblem_168 EMBLEM_168
emblem_169 Albino Ape
emblem_170 Winged Valor
emblem_171 Cheetin Death
emblem_172 Spartan
emblem_173 Death Horns
emblem_174 Thunderstruck
emblem_175 Looking Grim
emblem_176 Hell Bent
emblem_177 Dread Scavengers
emblem_179 Dead Anchors
emblem_180 Bronze Wisdom
emblem_181 Predator Instincts
emblem_182 Pinkeye
emblem_183 Ice Age
emblem_184 Fangs Out
emblem_185 Bird of Prey
emblem_186 Sky Terror
emblem_187 Ursa Roar
emblem_188 Aries
emblem_189 Howling Dawn
emblem_190 Bold Border
emblem_191 Zoomin
emblem_192 Sturdy Stripes
emblem_193 Flat Black
emblem_194 Death Machine
emblem_195 Rage Face
emblem_196 Checkmate
emblem_197 Knuckle Dragger
emblem_198 Checkpoint
emblem_199 Message Received
emblem_200 Fire Stalker
emblem_201 Ghoulish
emblem_202 Divine Right
emblem_203 Death's Watch
emblem_204 Precious Stones
emblem_205 Charged Attack
emblem_206 Reptilian
emblem_207 Brave One
emblem_208 Bug Catcher
emblem_209 Super Charged Wolf
emblem_210 Anchors Away
emblem_211 Celestial Protector
emblem_212 Striker
emblem_213 Conductor
emblem_214 Sacred Defender
emblem_215 Double Damage
emblem_216 Soaring High
emblem_217 Extrovert
emblem_218 Venomous
emblem_219 Angelic Akimbo
emblem_220 Power Protector
emblem_221 Captivated
emblem_222 Light Headed
emblem_223 Dual Identity
emblem_224 Angelic Archer
emblem_225 Full Impact
emblem_226 Knife Fight
emblem_227 Gear Head
emblem_228 See No Evil
emblem_229 Poleaxe
emblem_230 Intervention
emblem_231 Full Rack
emblem_232 Skull Face
emblem_234 Crossbones
emblem_235 Pythagoras
emblem_236 Gridlock
emblem_237 Diamonds Up
emblem_238 Shining Star
emblem_239 Crossroads
emblem_240 Hard Target
emblem_241 This Side Up
emblem_243 The Shocker
emblem_244 Serpentine
emblem_245 Hourglass
emblem_246 High Impact
emblem_247 Directional
emblem_248 Shadowbox
emblem_249 Quartered
emblem_250 Inception
emblem_251 Kings Shield
emblem_252 Equilateral
emblem_253 Echo Chamber
emblem_254 Cutting Corners
emblem_255 EMBLEM_255
emblem_256 EMBLEM_256
emblem_257 EMBLEM_257
emblem_258 EMBLEM_258
emblem_259 Snake Eyes
emblem_260 EMBLEM_260
emblem_261 Grim Outlook
emblem_262 EMBLEM_262
emblem_263 EMBLEM_263
emblem_264 EMBLEM_264
emblem_265 EMBLEM_265
emblem_266 EMBLEM_266
emblem_267 EMBLEM_267
emblem_268 EMBLEM_268
emblem_269 EMBLEM_269
emblem_271 EMBLEM_271
emblem_272 Cobra Strike
emblem_273 EMBLEM_273
emblem_274 EMBLEM_274
emblem_275 Golden Rage
emblem_276 EMBLEM_276
emblem_277 Hidden Enemy
emblem_278 EMBLEM_278
emblem_279 EMBLEM_279
emblem_280 EMBLEM_280
emblem_281 EMBLEM_281
emblem_282 Scrap Dragon
emblem_283 Fang You
emblem_284 EMBLEM_284
emblem_285 Sapphire Vision
emblem_286 Saw Sting
emblem_287 Starry Night
emblem_288 Prime Watcher
emblem_289 Cause and Affect
emblem_290 EMBLEM_290
emblem_291 EMBLEM_291
emblem_292 EMBLEM_292
emblem_293 Epic Hero
emblem_294 EMBLEM_294
emblem_295 Lightning Bolt
emblem_298 Dancing Vibes
emblem_299 Cause and Effect
emblem_300 High Flyer
emblem_301 X-Ray
emblem_302 EMBLEM_302
emblem_303 Jones
emblem_304 Ivan
emblem_305 The Bandit
emblem_306 General
emblem_307 Lakeside Price
emblem_308 Safari Price
emblem_309 Facemask
emblem_310 Gas 'Em
emblem_311 Concealed
emblem_312 Todd
emblem_314 Going Under
emblem_315 War Stripes
emblem_316 Recon
emblem_317 Caliber
emblem_318 Carmine
emblem_319 Soldier
emblem_320 Lieutenant
emblem_321 Green Hood
emblem_322 White Hood
emblem_323 Black Hood
emblem_324 Half Wrap
emblem_325 Black Wrap
emblem_326 Red Wrap
emblem_327 White Ice
emblem_328 Desert Stalker
emblem_329 Forest Fighter
emblem_330 Confident
emblem_331 Mohawk
emblem_332 Heavy Armor
emblem_333 Light Infantry
emblem_334 No Goggles
emblem_335 Desert Visor
emblem_337 Advisory
emblem_338 Goatee
emblem_339 Soap
emblem_340 Watchman
emblem_341 Grenadier
emblem_342 Swat
emblem_343 Oohrah
emblem_344 Scout
emblem_345 Ski Patrol
emblem_346 Snow Patrol
emblem_347 Robbery
emblem_348 Disguise
emblem_349 Scape Goat
emblem_350 Hadir Without Hair
emblem_351 Kyle
emblem_352 Helmet Head
emblem_353 Night Prowler
emblem_354 Kate
emblem_355 Farah
emblem_357 Feline Mechanized
emblem_358 S0-1
emblem_359 S0-2
emblem_360 S0-3
emblem_361 S0-4
emblem_362 S0-5
emblem_363 S0-6
emblem_364 S0-7
emblem_365 S0-8
emblem_366 S0-9
emblem_367 S0-10
emblem_368 S1-1
emblem_369 S1-2
emblem_370 S1-3
emblem_371 S1-4
emblem_372 S1-5
emblem_373 S1-6
emblem_374 S1-7
emblem_375 S1-8
emblem_376 S1-9
emblem_377 S1-10
emblem_378 S2-1
emblem_379 S2-2
emblem_380 S2-3
emblem_381 S2-4
emblem_382 S2-5
emblem_383 S2-6
emblem_384 S2-7
emblem_385 S2-8
emblem_386 S2-9
emblem_387 S2-10
emblem_388 EMBLEM_388
emblem_389 EMBLEM_389
emblem_390 EMBLEM_390
emblem_391 EMBLEM_391
emblem_392 EMBLEM_392
emblem_393 EMBLEM_393
emblem_394 EMBLEM_394
emblem_395 EMBLEM_395
emblem_396 EMBLEM_396
emblem_397 EMBLEM_397 ` season 3-10
emblem_398 EMBLEM_398 `
emblem_399 EMBLEM_399
emblem_400 EMBLEM_400
emblem_401 EMBLEM_401
emblem_402 EMBLEM_402
emblem_403 EMBLEM_403
emblem_404 EMBLEM_404
emblem_405 EMBLEM_405
emblem_406 EMBLEM_406
emblem_407 EMBLEM_407
emblem_408 EMBLEM_408
emblem_409 EMBLEM_409
emblem_410 EMBLEM_410
emblem_411 EMBLEM_411
emblem_412 EMBLEM_412
emblem_413 EMBLEM_413
emblem_414 EMBLEM_414
emblem_415 EMBLEM_415
emblem_416 EMBLEM_416
emblem_417 EMBLEM_417 season 4 max rank
emblem_418 burger town
emblem_420 EMBLEM_420
emblem_421 EMBLEM_421
emblem_422 EMBLEM_422
emblem_423 EMBLEM_423
emblem_424 EMBLEM_424
emblem_425 One Team, One Fight
emblem_426 EMBLEM_426
emblem_427 EMBLEM_427
emblem_428 Bad Green Wolf
emblem_429 EMBLEM_429
emblem_430 EMBLEM_430
emblem_431 EMBLEM_431
emblem_432 EMBLEM_432 bunny
emblem_433 EMBLEM_433 squid eye
emblem_434 EMBLEM_434 fred
emblem_435 EMBLEM_435 grenade anim
emblem_436 EMBLEM_436 shark anim
emblem_437 EMBLEM_437 pizza
emblem_438 EMBLEM_438 wierd snake thing
emblem_439 EMBLEM_439 hot wheeles
emblem_440 brown bear
emblem_441 EMBLEM_441 white sword
emblem_442 EMBLEM_442 white 2 swords
emblem_443 EMBLEM_443
emblem_444 EMBLEM_444
emblem_445 EMBLEM_445
emblem_446 EMBLEM_446
emblem_447 EMBLEM_447
emblem_448 EMBLEM_448
emblem_449 EMBLEM_449
emblem_450 EMBLEM_450
emblem_451 EMBLEM_451
emblem_452 EMBLEM_452
emblem_453 EMBLEM_453
emblem_454 EMBLEM_454
emblem_455 EMBLEM_455
emblem_456 EMBLEM_456
emblem_457 EMBLEM_457
emblem_458 EMBLEM_458
emblem_459 EMBLEM_459
emblem_460 EMBLEM_460
emblem_461 EMBLEM_461
emblem_462 EMBLEM_462
emblem_463 EMBLEM_463
emblem_464 EMBLEM_464
emblem_465 EMBLEM_465
emblem_466 EMBLEM_466
emblem_467 EMBLEM_467
emblem_468 EMBLEM_468
emblem_469 EMBLEM_469
emblem_470 EMBLEM_470
emblem_471 EMBLEM_471
emblem_472 EMBLEM_472
emblem_473 EMBLEM_473 game emblem company
emblem_474 EMBLEM_474
emblem_475 EMBLEM_475
emblem_476 EMBLEM_476
emblem_477 EMBLEM_477
emblem_478 EMBLEM_478
emblem_479 EMBLEM_479
emblem_480 EMBLEM_480
emblem_481 EMBLEM_481
emblem_482 EMBLEM_482
emblem_483 EMBLEM_483
emblem_484 EMBLEM_484
emblem_485 EMBLEM_485
emblem_486 Long Toothed
emblem_487 EMBLEM_487
emblem_488 EMBLEM_488
emblem_489 EMBLEM_489
emblem_490 Ancient Ram
emblem_491 EMBLEM_491
emblem_492 EMBLEM_492
emblem_493 EMBLEM_493
emblem_494 EMBLEM_494
emblem_495 EMBLEM_495
emblem_496 EMBLEM_496
emblem_497 EMBLEM_497
emblem_498 EMBLEM_498
emblem_499 EMBLEM_499
emblem_500 EMBLEM_500
emblem_501 EMBLEM_501
emblem_502 EMBLEM_502
emblem_503 EMBLEM_503 picture
emblem_504 EMBLEM_504
emblem_505 EMBLEM_505
emblem_506 EMBLEM_506
emblem_507 EMBLEM_507
emblem_508 EMBLEM_508
emblem_509 EMBLEM_509
emblem_510 EMBLEM_510
emblem_511 EMBLEM_511 war guy
emblem_512 EMBLEM_512 war guy 2
emblem_513 EMBLEM_513 war guy 3
emblem_514 EMBLEM_514
emblem_515 EMBLEM_515
emblem_516 EMBLEM_516
emblem_517 EMBLEM_517
emblem_518 EMBLEM_518
emblem_519 EMBLEM_519
emblem_520 EMBLEM_520
emblem_521 EMBLEM_521
emblem_522 EMBLEM_522
emblem_523 EMBLEM_523
emblem_524 EMBLEM_524
emblem_525 EMBLEM_525
emblem_526 EMBLEM_526
emblem_527 EMBLEM_527
emblem_528 Cog Of Duty
emblem_529 EMBLEM_529
emblem_530 EMBLEM_530
emblem_531 Caustic Area
emblem_532 Gassed
emblem_533 EMBLEM_533 can of nuke
emblem_534 EMBLEM_534 nuke 2
emblem_535 EMBLEM_535 george bush
emblem_536 EMBLEM_536 hoodie w gasmask
emblem_537 EMBLEM_537 only sees evil
emblem_538 EMBLEM_538 dog w nuke
emblem_539 EMBLEM_539
emblem_540 EMBLEM_540
emblem_541 EMBLEM_541
emblem_542 EMBLEM_542
emblem_543 EMBLEM_543 cool cat skull
emblem_544 The Soul Collector
emblem_545 Gunhorns
emblem_546 Eurotas
emblem_547 EMBLEM_547
emblem_548 EMBLEM_548
emblem_549 EMBLEM_549
emblem_550 EMBLEM_550
emblem_551 EMBLEM_551
emblem_552 Revolving Death
emblem_553 EMBLEM_553
emblem_554 EMBLEM_554
emblem_555 EMBLEM_555
emblem_556 Bear Claw
emblem_557 EMBLEM_557
emblem_558 EMBLEM_558
emblem_559 EMBLEM_559
emblem_560 EMBLEM_560
emblem_561 EMBLEM_561
emblem_562 Lightning Strike
emblem_563 EMBLEM_563
emblem_564 EMBLEM_564
emblem_565 EMBLEM_565
emblem_566 EMBLEM_566
emblem_567 Grizzled Veteran
emblem_568 EMBLEM_568
emblem_569 EMBLEM_569
emblem_570 Sure Shot
emblem_571 EMBLEM_571
emblem_572 EMBLEM_572
emblem_573 EMBLEM_573
emblem_574 EMBLEM_574
emblem_575 EMBLEM_575
emblem_576 EMBLEM_576
emblem_577 EMBLEM_577
emblem_578 EMBLEM_578
emblem_579 EMBLEM_579
emblem_580 EMBLEM_580
emblem_581 EMBLEM_581
emblem_582 EMBLEM_582
emblem_583 EMBLEM_583
emblem_584 EMBLEM_584
emblem_585 Cremation
emblem_586 EMBLEM_586
emblem_587 EMBLEM_587
emblem_588 Death Toast
emblem_589 Sweet Mercy
emblem_590 Masked Watch
emblem_591 Brain Storm
emblem_592 Lethality
emblem_593 Lethal Dose
emblem_594 Season One
emblem_595 Peppermint Doom
emblem_596 faze
emblem_607 last team
emblem_608 Abundance
emblem_609 Luck
emblem_610 EMBLEM 610
emblem_611 Solidarity
emblem_612 Second Coming
emblem_613 EMBLEM 613
emblem_614 Stronghold
emblem_615 Thunderhead
emblem_616 Alpha Sabotus
emblem_617 Blessings
emblem_618 Airdrop
emblem_619 EMBLEM 619
emblem_620 EMBLEM 620
emblem_621 EMBLEM 621
emblem_622 EMBLEM 622
emblem_623 EMBLEM 623
emblem_624 EMBLEM 624
emblem_625 EMBLEM 625
emblem_626 Toxic Event
emblem_627 EMBLEM 627 ghost story
emblem_628 EMBLEM 628
emblem_629 EMBLEM 629
emblem_630 EMBLEM 630
emblem_631 EMBLEM 631
emblem_632 EMBLEM 632
emblem_633 EMBLEM 633
emblem_634 EMBLEM 634
emblem_635 EMBLEM 635
emblem_636 EMBLEM 636
emblem_637 EMBLEM 637
emblem_638 EMBLEM 638
emblem_639 EMBLEM 639
emblem_640 EMBLEM 640
emblem_641 EMBLEM 641
emblem_642 EMBLEM 642
emblem_643 EMBLEM 643
emblem_644 EMBLEM 644
emblem_645 EMBLEM 645
emblem_646 EMBLEM 646
emblem_647 EMBLEM 647 mara
emblem_648 EMBLEM 648
emblem_649 EMBLEM 649
emblem_650 EMBLEM 650
emblem_651 EMBLEM 651
emblem_652 EMBLEM 652
emblem_653 EMBLEM 653
emblem_654 EMBLEM 654
emblem_655 EMBLEM 655
emblem_656 EMBLEM 656
emblem_657 EMBLEM 657
emblem_658 EMBLEM 658
emblem_659 EMBLEM 659
emblem_660 EMBLEM 660
emblem_661 EMBLEM 661
emblem_662 EMBLEM 662
emblem_663 EMBLEM 663
emblem_664 EMBLEM 664
emblem_665 EMBLEM 665
emblem_666 EMBLEM 666 mara
emblem_667 EMBLEM 667
emblem_668 EMBLEM 668
emblem_669 EMBLEM 669
emblem_670 EMBLEM 670
emblem_671 EMBLEM 671
emblem_672 EMBLEM 672
emblem_673 EMBLEM 673 bug 02
emblem_674 EMBLEM 674 paraysite
emblem_675 EMBLEM 675 bug
emblem_676 EMBLEM 676 silver butterfly
emblem_677 EMBLEM 677 bug 03
emblem_678 EMBLEM 678 bug 04
emblem_679 EMBLEM 679 bug 05
emblem_680 EMBLEM 680
emblem_681 EMBLEM 681
emblem_682 EMBLEM 682
emblem_683 EMBLEM 683
emblem_684 EMBLEM 684
emblem_685 EMBLEM 685
emblem_686 EMBLEM 686
emblem_687 EMBLEM 687
emblem_688 EMBLEM 688
emblem_689 EMBLEM 689
emblem_690 EMBLEM 690
emblem_691 EMBLEM 691
emblem_692 EMBLEM 692
emblem_693 EMBLEM 693
emblem_694 EMBLEM 694
emblem_695 EMBLEM 695
emblem_696 EMBLEM 696
emblem_697 EMBLEM 697
emblem_698 EMBLEM 698
emblem_699 EMBLEM 699
emblem_700 EMBLEM 700
emblem_701 EMBLEM 701
emblem_702 EMBLEM 702
emblem_703 EMBLEM 703
emblem_704 EMBLEM 704
emblem_705 EMBLEM 705
emblem_706 EMBLEM 706
emblem_707 EMBLEM 707
emblem_708 EMBLEM 708
emblem_709 EMBLEM 709
emblem_710 EMBLEM 710
emblem_711 EMBLEM 711
emblem_712 EMBLEM 712
emblem_713 EMBLEM 713
emblem_714 EMBLEM 714
emblem_715 EMBLEM 715
emblem_716 EMBLEM 716
emblem_717 EMBLEM 717
emblem_718 EMBLEM 718
emblem_719 EMBLEM 719
emblem_720 EMBLEM 720
emblem_721 EMBLEM 721
emblem_722 EMBLEM 722
emblem_723 EMBLEM 723
emblem_724 EMBLEM 724
emblem_725 EMBLEM 725
emblem_726 EMBLEM 726
emblem_727 EMBLEM 727
emblem_728 EMBLEM 728
emblem_729 EMBLEM 729
emblem_730 EMBLEM 730
emblem_731 EMBLEM 731
emblem_732 EMBLEM 732
emblem_733 EMBLEM 733
emblem_734 EMBLEM 734
emblem_735 EMBLEM 735
emblem_736 EMBLEM 736
emblem_737 EMBLEM 737 looks like ship
emblem_738 EMBLEM 738 ship shit
emblem_739 EMBLEM 739 more ship
emblem_740 EMBLEM 740
emblem_741 EMBLEM 741
emblem_742 EMBLEM 742
emblem_743 EMBLEM 743
emblem_744 EMBLEM 744
emblem_745 EMBLEM 745 animated fire
emblem_746 EMBLEM 746
emblem_747 EMBLEM 747
emblem_748 EMBLEM 748
emblem_749 EMBLEM 749
emblem_750 EMBLEM 750
emblem_751 EMBLEM 751
emblem_752 EMBLEM 752
emblem_753 Season Two
emblem_755 cxz
emblem_776 s3-10
emblem_777 smoking buddy
emblem_761 hj
emblem_760 cool reaper
embelm_752 cool white pic
emblem_780 cash sack
embelm_781 getting some air

spray_001 ... etc

cos_001 50 Cal
cos_002 Horned Up
cos_003 Stone Cross
cos_004 Holy Grail
cos_005 Cherry on Top
cos_006 More Cowbell
cos_007 Reclawed
cos_008 Saddled
cos_009 Bone Dry
cos_010 Ruby Red
cos_011 Hood Ornament
cos_012 Good Luck
cos_013 Sit Down!
cos_014 COS_014
cos_015 Diamond Jim
cos_016 Frag Out!
cos_017 Stick 'Em
cos_018 Click Click Boom
cos_019 Flashed
cos_020 Smoke in My Eyes
cos_022 Firewater
cos_023 Mine over Matter
cos_024 Bombs Away
cos_025 Wall Hacks
cos_026 Ghosty
cos_027 Mister Ginger
cos_028 Second Chance
cos_029 IED
cos_030 Bad Luck Buddy
cos_031 Explosive Surprise
cos_032 Have A Heart
cos_033 9 Lives
cos_034 Dream Catchin
cos_035 Key Rex
cos_036 Valhalla
cos_037 Jurassic Claw
cos_038 Wolf Pup
cos_039 Gas This!
cos_040 Cowboy Up
cos_041 Viking Guard
cos_042 Head of the Table
cos_043 Tablet
cos_044 Sunny Disposition
cos_045 Set to Blow
cos_047 The Chalice
cos_048 Monkey Paw
cos_049 Ancient Royal
cos_050 Saddle Up
cos_051 Boots on the Ground
cos_052 Bull by the Horns
cos_053 Right in the Kisser
cos_054 Aloha
cos_055 Bloodiest Diamond
cos_056 Lady Luck
cos_057 Re-up
cos_058 H8
cos_059 Zipes!
cos_060 The Big A
cos_061 Honor the Call
cos_062 Rank Up
cos_063 Blade of Valor
cos_064 Dope Scope
cos_065 Seasoned Veteran
cos_066 Talent Show
cos_067 Golden Heirloom
cos_068 Black Label
cos_078 CDL
cos_079 Prestige 5
cos_080 Death Wheel
cos_081 Emerald Heart
cos_082 Winged Terror
cos_083 Freedom Incarnate
cos_084 King Slayer
cos_085 5 by 5
cos_086 Ballistic Bubbly
cos_087 English Breakfast
cos_088 Top Dog
cos_089 Over the Rainbow
cos_090 Tags Denied
cos_091 Charming
cos_093 Alley Cat
cos_094 Cold Ones
cos_095 Head Gear
cos_096 Skin Free
cos_097 Reap This
cos_098 Rodent Trap
cos_099 Sharp Dresser
cos_100 Knuckle Up
cos_101 Safety First
cos_102 True North
cos_103 80s Cell
cos_104 Freshen Up
cos_105 Armor On
cos_107 Going Dark
cos_108 Toy Soldier
cos_110 Sergeant
cos_111 COS_111
cos_112 Old School
cos_113 Bestfriend
cos_114 Roach
cos_115 An Odd Name
cos_116 Helpful Doge
cos_117 Supreme Slice
cos_118 Sharky
cos_119 Salmon & Tuna
cos_120 Sweet Taco
cos_121 Woolie
cos_122 Viva
cos_123 Rubber Neckin'
cos_124 Worlds Greatest
cos_125 Mini Dump
cos_126 Misfortune Cookie
cos_127 Relish It
cos_128 Light Speed
cos_129 Eye in the Sky
cos_130 Nice Kicks
cos_131 Cerveza
cos_132 Gimme Yo Bamboo
cos_133 Making Bank
cos_134 Golden Pair
cos_135 Ramen
cos_136 Spart Farkles
cos_137 High Sodium
cos_138 On a Roll
cos_139 Lethal Tender
cos_140 COS_140
cos_141 Getting Paid
cos_142 COS_142
cos_143 COS_143
cos_144 Carotene
cos_145 COS_145
cos_146 Night Light
cos_147 COS_147
cos_148 Death Comes
cos_149 Heritage
cos_150 Lil' Flame
cos_151 Fishbones
cos_152 Snow Survivor
cos_153 COS_153
cos_154 Pink Bones
cos_155 Auspicious
cos_156 Koala
cos_157 COS_157
cos_158 Pallid Oni
cos_159 COS_159
cos_160 COS_160
cos_161 Brain Invader
cos_162 Hippy
cos_163 Winged Pork
cos_164 COS_164
cos_165 COS_165
cos_166 Scarab
cos_167 COS_167
cos_168 COS_168
cos_169 Air Power
cos_170 COS_170
cos_171 COS_171
cos_172 Chess Moves
cos_173 Empty Calories
cos_174 Festive
cos_175 Chibi Operator
cos_176 COS_176
cos_177 MACK8
cos_178 COS_178
cos_179 Aquanaut
cos_180 Kettle's On
cos_181 COS_181
cos_182 COS_182
cos_183 OPYNXE
cos_184 COS_184
cos_185 COS_185
cos_186 COS_186
cos_187 COS_187
cos_188 COS_188
cos_189 COS_189
cos_190 COS_190
cos_191 COS_191
cos_192 COS_192
cos_193 COS_193
cos_194 Tempus
cos_195 COS_195
cos_196 ZLR
cos_197 Gun Run
cos_198 COS_198
cos_200 COS_200
cos_201 COS_201
cos_202 COS_202
cos_203 COS_203
cos_204 COS_204
cos_205 COS_205
cos_206 COS_206
cos_207 COS_207
cos_208 Scoutin'
cos_209 Luna
cos_210 Space Race
cos_211 COS_211
cos_212 Matryoshka
cos_213 COS_213
cos_214 COS_214
cos_215 COS_215
cos_216 COS_216
cos_217 COS_217
cos_218 COS_218
cos_219 Tankman
cos_220 Zombie Metal
cos_221 COS_221
cos_222 Fill 'Er Up
cos_223 COS_223
cos_224 COS_224
cos_225 Fowl Play
cos_226 Black Jack
cos_227 COS_227
cos_228 COS_228
cos_229 Second Decree
cos_230 COS_230
cos_231 COS_231
cos_232 COS_232
cos_233 COS_233
cos_234 COS_234
cos_235 COS_235
cos_236 COS_236
cos_237 Vacuum Sealed
cos_238 COS_238
cos_239 Time Piece
cos_240 COS_240
cos_241 COS_241
cos_242 Nice Supplies
cos_243 Red Envelope
cos_244 COS_244
cos_245 COS_245
cos_249 COS_249
cos_250 COS_250
cos_251 COS_251
cos_252 COS_252
cos_253 Year of the Rat
cos_254 COS_254
cos_255 COS_255
cos_256 COS_256
cos_257 COS_257
cos_258 COS_258
cos_259 COS_259
cos_260 COS_260
cos_261 COS_261
cos_262 COS_262
cos_263 COS_263
cos_264 COS_264
cos_265 COS_265
cos_266 COS_266
cos_267 Containment
cos_268 COS_268
cos_269 COS_269
cos_270 Heat Seeker
cos_271 COS_271
cos_272 COS_272
cos_273 Skull Comms
cos_274 COS_274
cos_275 Livewire
cos_276 The One-Four-One
cos_277 Rookie Move
cos_278 Blackshot
cos_279 COS_279
cos_280 COS_280
cos_281 COS_281
cos_282 COS_282
cos_283 COS_283
cos_284 COS_284
cos_285 Toothache
cos_286 Lovestruck
cos_287 COS_287
cos_288 COS_288
cos_289 COS_289
cos_290 COS_290
cos_291 COS_291
cos_292 COS_292
cos_293 COS_293
cos_294 COS_294
cos_295 COS_295
cos_296 COS_296
cos_297 COS_297
cos_298 COS_298
cos_299 Love Bomb
cos_300 COS_300
cos_301 COS_301
cos_302 COS_302
cos_303 COS_303
cos_304 COS_304
cos_305 COS_305
cos_306 COS_306
cos_307 COS_307
cos_308 COS_308
cos_309 COS_309
cos_310 COS_310
cos_311 COS_311
cos_312 COS_312
cos_313 COS_313
cos_314 COS_314
cos_315 COS_315
cos_316 COS_316
cos_317 COS_317
cos_318 COS_318
cos_319 COS_319
cos_320 COS_320
cos_321 COS_321
cos_322 COS_322
cos_323 COS_323
cos_324 COS_324
cos_325 COS_325
cos_326 COS_326
cos_327 COS_327
cos_328 COS_328
cos_329 COS_329
cos_330 COS_330
cos_331 COS_331
cos_332 COS_332
cos_333 COS_333
cos_334 COS_334
cos_335 COS_335
cos_336 COS_336
cos_337 COS_337
cos_338 COS_338
cos_339 COS_339
cos_340 COS_340
cos_341 COS_341
cos_342 COS_342
cos_343 COS_343
cos_344 COS_344
cos_345 COS_345
cos_346 COS_346
cos_347 COS_347
cos_348 COS_348
cos_349 COS_349
cos_350 COS_350
cos_351 COS_351
cos_352 COS_352
cos_353 COS_353
cos_354 COS_354
cos_355 COS_355
cos_356 COS_356
cos_357 COS_357
cos_358 COS_358
cos_359 COS_359
cos_360 COS_360
cos_361 COS_361
cos_362 COS_362
cos_363 COS_363
cos_364 COS_364
cos_365 COS_365
cos_366 COS_366
cos_367 COS_367
cos_368 COS_368
cos_369 COS_369
cos_370 COS_370
cos_371 COS_371
cos_372 COS_372
cos_373 COS_373
cos_374 COS_374
cos_375 COS_375
cos_376 COS_376
cos_377 COS_377
cos_378 COS_378
cos_379 COS_379
cos_380 COS_380
cos_381 COS_381
cos_382 COS_382
cos_383 COS_383
cos_384 COS_384
cos_385 COS_385
cos_386 COS_386
cos_387 COS_387
cos_388 COS_388
cos_389 COS_389
cos_390 COS_390
cos_391 COS_391
cos_392 COS_392
cos_393 COS_393
cos_394 COS_394
cos_395 COS_395
cos_396 COS_396
cos_397 COS_397
cos_398 COS_398
cos_399 COS_399
cos_400 COS_400
acog_attachment_br ACOG
air_support_strobe Air Support Marker
airburst_hint Click &&1 to mark distance
airdrop_juggernaut_marker Juggernaut Airdrop Marker
airdrop_juggernaut_recon_marker Juggernaut Recon Airdrop Marker
airdrop_maniac_marker Maniac Airdrop Marker
airdrop_marker Care Package Marker
airdrop_mega_marker Emergency Airdrop Marker
airdrop_sentry_marker Sentry Airdrop Marker
airdrop_tank_marker Assault Drone Airdrop Marker
ak47 AK-47
ake Volk
ake_gold Volk Gold
alien_drill Laser Drill
aliendeployable_vest_marker Deployable Supplies
ameli Ameli
ammo_10_mm 10mm Auto
ammo_12_7_x_108_mm 12.7--108mm
ammo_12_7_x_55_mm 12.7--55mm
ammo_12_gauge 12 Gauge
ammo_300_subsonic .300 Blackout
ammo_338 .338 Lapua Magnum
ammo_357_pist .357 Magnum
ammo_38_snakeshot .38 Snakeshot
ammo_40_mm_conc 40mm Concussive Grenade
ammo_40_mm_flash 40mm Flash Grenade
ammo_40_mm_gas 40mm Gas Grenade
ammo_40_mm_incendiary 40mm Incendiary Grenade
ammo_40_mm_semtex 40mm Semtex Grenade
ammo_40_mm_smoke 40mm Smoke Grenade
ammo_40_mm_snapshot 40mm Snapshot Grenade
ammo_40_x_46_mm_sr 40--46mm SR Grenade
ammo_41_sub .41 AE
ammo_458 .458 SOCOM
ammo_45_70_gvt .45-70 Government
ammo_45_hollow .45 ACP Hollow Point
ammo_45_pist .45 ACP
ammo_4_6_x_30_mm 4.6--30mm
ammo_50_pist .50 pistol
ammo_50_snpr .50 BMG
ammo_5_45_x_39_mm 5.45--39mm
ammo_5_56_nato 5.56 NATO
ammo_5_7_x_28_mm 5.7--28mm
ammo_7_62_nato 7.62 NATO
ammo_7_62_soviet 7.62 Soviet
ammo_7_62_x_54_dmb 7.62--54mm HEI
ammo_7_62_x_54_mm 7.62--54mmR
ammo_7_92_mm 7.92 Mauser
ammo_9_mm_mak 9mm Makarov
ammo_9_mm_para 9mm Parabellum
ammo_bolt 20.0" Bolt
ammo_bolt_carbon Carbon Tipped Bolt
ammo_bolt_explo Explosive Bolt
ammo_bolt_fire Thermite Bolt
ammo_bolt_stun Tear Gas Bolt
ammo_db Dragon's Breath
ammo_gromeo 9M342
ammo_juliet FGM-148F
ammo_kgolf FFV441
ammo_mike32 M406 High-Explosive
ammo_rpapa7 OG-7V
ammo_slug_attachment Slug
ammo_slugs 12 Gauge Slugs
ammo_slugs_dmb 12 Gauge HE
ammo_vog25 VOG-25 Grenade
ar57 KBAR-32
ar57noairmagboots AR-57
ar_akilo12 AK-12
ar_akilo47_v10 Golden Dragon
ar_akilo47_v11 AR_AKILO47_V11
ar_akilo47_v12 AR_AKILO47_V12
ar_akilo47_v13 The Noble
ar_akilo47_v2 Revolution
ar_akilo47_v3 Pink Perforator
ar_akilo47_v4 Steel Curtain
ar_akilo47_v5 Wendigo
ar_akilo47_v6 Freedom Fighter
ar_akilo47_v7 AR_AKILO47_V7
ar_akilo47_v8 AR_AKILO47_V8
ar_akilo47_v9 AR_AKILO47_V9
ar_asierra12 Oden
ar_asierra12_v10 Krampus
ar_asierra12_v11 Devourer
ar_asierra12_v2 Carbon Bear
ar_asierra12_v3 The Liar
ar_asierra12_v4 Dream Killer
ar_asierra12_v5 Bronze Dragon
ar_asierra12_v6 AR_ASIERRA12_V6
ar_asierra12_v7 AR_ASIERRA12_V7
ar_asierra12_v8 Serpent Shot
ar_asierra12_v9 AR_ASIERRA12_V9
ar_falima FAL
ar_falima_v2 Smooth Dominator
ar_falima_v3 Forest Shadows
ar_falima_v4 The Aristocrat
ar_falima_v5 Retro Grade
ar_falima_v6 Stormcloud
ar_falima_v7 Khemical
ar_falima_v8 Skull Shot
ar_falpha FR 5.56
ar_falpha_v10 AR_FALPHA_V10
ar_falpha_v11 AR_FALPHA_V11
ar_falpha_v12 AR_FALPHA_V12
ar_falpha_v2 Anomaly
ar_falpha_v4 Fractured Forces
ar_falpha_v5 Bubble Burster
ar_falpha_v6 Patchwork
ar_falpha_v7 Code Breaker
ar_falpha_v8 The Artisan
ar_falpha_v9 AR_FALPHA_V9
ar_kilo433 Kilo 141
ar_kilo433_v10 Battle Tested
ar_kilo433_v11 Fieldguide
ar_kilo433_v12 AR_KILO433_V12
ar_kilo433_v2 Union Black
ar_kilo433_v3 Regal Retribution
ar_kilo433_v4 Fatal Freeze
ar_kilo433_v5 Brass Tacks
ar_kilo433_v6 Kilobite
ar_kilo433_v7 AR_KILO433_V7
ar_kilo433_v8 Ursa Major
ar_mcharlie M13
ar_mcharlie_v10 Jubilee
ar_mcharlie_v11 Cagefighter
ar_mcharlie_v12 AR_MCHARLIE_V12
ar_mcharlie_v2 Short Stuff
ar_mcharlie_v3 Sandblaster
ar_mcharlie_v5 Silver Bullet
ar_mcharlie_v6 Die Cast
ar_mcharlie_v7 The Brave
ar_mcharlie_v8 Cold Forge
ar_mike4_v10 The Breakup
ar_mike4_v11 AR_MIKE4_V11
ar_mike4_v12 AR_MIKE4_V12
ar_mike4_v2 Zip Tie
ar_mike4_v3 The Purist
ar_mike4_v5 Calibrutal
ar_mike4_v6 Short Stop
ar_mike4_v7 XRK M4
ar_mike4_v9 Polytope
ar_scharlie FN Scar 17
ar_scharlie_v10 Acid Bath
ar_scharlie_v11 Eagle's Talon
ar_scharlie_v12 Cerise
ar_scharlie_v2 The Traitor
ar_scharlie_v3 Fugitive
ar_scharlie_v4 Jack Frosty
ar_scharlie_v5 Snow Owl
ar_scharlie_v6 Tiger's Eye
ar_scharlie_v7 AR_SCHARLIE_V7
ar_scharlie_v8 The Red Curtain
ar_scharlie_v9 AR_SCHARLIE_V9
ar_sierra552 Grau 5.56
ar_sierra552_v2 AR_SIERRA552_V2
ar_sierra552_v3 Shadowsight
ar_sierra552_v4 AR_SIERRA552_V4
ar_sierra552_v5 AR_SIERRA552_V5
ar_sierra552_v6 AR_SIERRA552_V6
ar_sierra552_v7 AR_SIERRA552_V7
ar_tango21 RAM-7
ar_tango21_v2 AR_TANGO21_V2
ar_tango21_v3 AR_TANGO21_V3
ar_tango21_v4 Subterfuge
ar_tango21_v5 Corrupter
ar_tango21_v6 AR_TANGO21_V6
aracc Venom
arclassic OSA
arm2 ARM-2
atomizer Eraser
axe Axe
barrel_bored_attachment Chrome Lined
barrel_bored_energy_attachment Magnified
barrel_range_attachment Rifled
blackholegun Gravity Vortex Gun
cache_heavy_weapon_hint You cannot refill Heavy Weapons from ammo crates.
cache_use_controller_hint Refill ammo
calcust_mike4 .458 SOCOM
calcust_mpapa5 10mm
calsmg_akilo47 5.45x39mm
charge Charge
chargeshot P-LAW
cheytac Widowmaker
cheytac_classic TF-141
claw Claw
claymore_pickup ^3&&1^7 Pickup Claymore Mines
comparison Stats compared to &&1
counterweight FHR40 Counterweight
counterweight_desc Modified FHR40 scanned in Geneva which has built-in reduced recoil.
cpu CPU
crb Karma-45
crdb VPR
custom_attachment &&1 Custom
defaultweapon Default Weapon
defibrillator Defibrillator
deployable_vest_marker Ballistic Vest Duffel Bag
devastator Reaver
eclan_attachment ECLAN
elephantgun Elephantgun
elo_attachment ELO
emc EMC
emp_grenade Shock Grenade
enter_preview_mode Play Preview Animation
erad Erad
eradnoairmagboots ERAD
feature_atomizer Slowly Recharges Ammo
feature_chargeshot Proximity Detonation
feature_crb Dual-Loaded Magazines
feature_erad Side-mounted Shotgun
feature_fmg Splits into Akimbo SMGs
feature_lockon Lock-On Guidance
feature_m8 Assault Rifle Alt. Mode
feature_nrg Full Auto Increasing Fire Rate
feature_penetrationrail Rounds Penetrate Thick Walls
feature_repeater Auto-Reload on Headshots
feature_ripper 2-in-1 SMG and AR
feature_sdfshotty Fully Automatic
feature_sonic Deafens Soldiers
feature_steeldragon Continual Energy Beam
fhr FHR-40
fire_type_auto_attachment Full-Auto
fire_type_bolt_attachment Bolt Action
fire_type_burst_attachment Burst Fire
fire_type_burst_attachment_2_round 2 Round Burst
fire_type_burst_attachment_2_round_auto 2 Round Burst Auto
fire_type_burst_attachment_3_round 3 Round Burst
fire_type_burst_attachment_3_round_auto 3 Round Burst Auto
fire_type_burst_attachment_4_round 4 Round Burst
fire_type_burst_attachment_4_round_auto 4 Round Burst Auto
fire_type_burst_attachment_7_round 7 Round Burst
fire_type_burst_attachment_7_round_auto 7 Round Burst Auto
fire_type_burst_attachment_auto Burst Auto
fire_type_pump Pump Action
fire_type_single_attachment Semi-Auto
fmg Type-2
freerunner No Weapon Available
freeze_semtex Cryo Bomb
g18 Kendall 44
g18_aon Box-Of-Demons
g18_classic Hornet
g18_gold KB45 Gold
g18_sp KB45
gambit R3K Gambit
gl 40mm
gl_gp25 GP25
gl_gp25_flash GP25 Flash
gl_gp25_incendiary GP25 Incendiary
gl_gp25_recon GP25 Recon
gl_gp25_smoke GP25 Smoke
gl_gp25_stun GP25 Stun
gl_m203 M203
gl_m203_flash M203 Flash
gl_m203_incendiary M203 Incendiary
gl_m203_recon M203 Recon
gl_m203_smoke M203 Smoke
gl_m203_stun M203 Stun
gl_smoke 40mm Smoke
gl_stun 40mm Stun
glprox Howitzer
golf_club Golf Club
golf_club_pap1 Bogey Down
golf_club_pap2 Eagle
grav_gun Grav Gun
green_beam Artillery Marker
green_beam_sp Target Designator
grip_attachment Foregrip
harpoon Vlad
harpoon1 Acid Rain
harpoon2 Ben Franklin
harpoon3 Trap - O - Matic
harpoon4 Whirlwind EF-5
hybrid_thermal_attachment Hybrid Thermal
ied IED
incendiary_attachment Incendiary
iw8_glock Glock 17
iw8_honeybadger Honey Badger
iw8_intervention Intervention
iw8_spas SPAS-12
iw8_ump45 UMP .45
kbs KBS Longbow
knife Combat Knife
knife_aon 20-0
knife_v10 Icicle
knife_v11 Stone Carver
knife_v12 Boxcutter
knife_v13 Negotiation
knife_v14 Blood Letter
knife_v15 KNIFE_V15
knife_v16 KNIFE_V16
knife_v17 KNIFE_V17
knife_v18 KNIFE_V18
knife_v19 The Quiet
knife_v2 Blackspike
knife_v20 Scythe
knife_v21 Dainsleif
knife_v22 Espionage
knife_v23 KNIFE_V23
knife_v24 KNIFE_V24
knife_v25 KNIFE_V25
knife_v26 KNIFE_V26
knife_v27 Skullblade
knife_v28 Sidesplitter
knife_v3 Blue Silence
knife_v4 Ashen Sliver
knife_v5 Dive Knife
knife_v6 Hold Up
knife_v7 Atom Splitter
knife_v8 New Steel
knife_v9 Arterial
la_gromeo PILA
la_juliet JOKR
la_kgolf Strela-P
la_lalpha SA-24 Grinch infrared SAM
la_mike32 MGL-32 Grenade Launcher
la_mike32_incendiary MGL-32 Incendiary Launcher
la_romeo RAMBO
la_rpapa7 RPG-7
label_detonate ^1Detonate
lawn_mower Lawn Mower
linear_shaped_charge Linear Shaped Charge
lm_dblmg Minigun
lm_kilo121 M91
lm_kilo121_v10 LM_KILO121_V10
lm_kilo121_v11 LM_KILO121_V11
lm_kilo121_v12 LM_KILO121_V12
lm_kilo121_v2 Pale Horse
lm_kilo121_v3 Hazard
lm_kilo121_v4 Warhead
lm_kilo121_v5 Old Wounds
lm_kilo121_v6 Dusk
lm_kilo121_v7 LM_KILO121_V7
lm_kilo121_v8 LM_KILO121_V8
lm_kilo121_v9 Condenser
lm_lima86 SA87
lm_lima86_v2 Stratagem
lm_lima86_v3 Ironed Out
lm_lima86_v4 The Kraken
lm_lima86_v5 Buzzsaw
lm_lima86_v6 Stone Cutter
lm_lima86_v7 Abyss Walker
lm_lima86_v8 Toxicity
lm_lima86_v9 LM_LIMA86_V9
lm_mgolf34 MG34
lm_mgolf34_v10 Plankwalker
lm_mgolf34_v11 LM_MGOLF34_V11
lm_mgolf34_v12 LM_MGOLF34_V12
lm_mgolf34_v2 BLOWtorch
lm_mgolf34_v3 Buster
lm_mgolf34_v4 Buzzkill
lm_mgolf34_v5 Lucky Strike
lm_mgolf34_v6 Snake Beckons
lm_mgolf34_v7 Rockwall
lm_mgolf34_v9 Copper Spray
lm_mgolf36 Holger-26
lm_mgolf36_v2 LM_MGOLF36_V2
lm_mgolf36_v3 LM_MGOLF36_V3
lm_mgolf36_v4 LM_MGOLF36_V4
lm_mgolf36_v5 Gilded
lm_pkilo PKM
lm_pkilo_v10 Forester
lm_pkilo_v11 Bludgeoner
lm_pkilo_v12 LM_PKILO_V12
lm_pkilo_v3 Old Country
lm_pkilo_v4 Baddie
lm_pkilo_v5 Wrong Turn
lm_pkilo_v6 Usurper
lm_pkilo_v7 The Uprising
lm_pkilo_v8 Fire Hose
lm_pkilo_v9 LM_PKILO_V9
lockon Spartan SA3
lockon_required Lock-On Required
m1 DMR-1
m1_classic M1
m320_attachment M320
m4 NV4
m67fraggrenade M67 Frag Grenade
m8 EBR-800
machete Machete
machete_pap1 Carver
machete_pap2 Slice 'n Dice
mauler Mauler
me_tacknife_v2 ME_TACKNIFE_V2
mike79 M79
minilmg Auger
mp28 Trencher
no_ammo No Ammo
no_grenade No Equipment
no_special_grenade Tactical out of Ammo
no_special_offhand_ammo Field Upgrade Not Ready
no_weapon_ammo No &&1 ammo remaining.
no_weapon_ammo_mp Lethal out of Ammo
nrg Oni
penetrationrail Ballista EM3
phase_attachment Trojan
pi_cpapa .357
pi_cpapa_v10 Steeled Nerve
pi_cpapa_v11 Tycoon
pi_cpapa_v12 PI_CPAPA_V12
pi_cpapa_v13 Keepsake
pi_cpapa_v4 High Noon
pi_cpapa_v5 Callahan
pi_cpapa_v6 XRK .357
pi_cpapa_v7 Volatile
pi_cpapa_v8 Hole Punch
pi_cpapa_v9 Winged Steel
pi_decho .50 GS
pi_decho_v10 PI_DECHO_V10
pi_decho_v11 PI_DECHO_V11
pi_decho_v12 PI_DECHO_V12
pi_decho_v2 Monochromatic
pi_decho_v3 Unit 001
pi_decho_v4 Royal Decree
pi_decho_v5 Endbringer
pi_decho_v6 Pixie Cutter
pi_decho_v7 PI_DECHO_V7
pi_decho_v8 Victory Lap
pi_decho_v9 Hot Nugget
pi_golf21 X16
pi_golf21_v10 PI_GOLF21_V10
pi_golf21_v11 PI_GOLF21_V11
pi_golf21_v12 Gemcutter
pi_golf21_v13 PI_GOLF21_V13
pi_golf21_v2 Urban Defiler
pi_golf21_v3 Impossible Task
pi_golf21_v4 The Howler
pi_golf21_v5 Pegasus
pi_golf21_v6 El Dorado
pi_golf21_v7 Chisel
pi_golf21_v8 Quick Hit
pi_golf21_v9 Greenback
pi_magnum .44 Magnum
pi_mike1911 1911
pi_mike1911_v10 Fisticuffs
pi_mike1911_v11 The Executioner
pi_mike1911_v12 Bear Trap
pi_mike1911_v13 Isotoper
pi_mike1911_v2 Corax
pi_mike1911_v3 Riptide
pi_mike1911_v4 The Invader
pi_mike1911_v5 Javelina
pi_mike1911_v6 Obsidian Carat
pi_mike1911_v7 Bite Strength
pi_mike1911_v8 Sulfuric
pi_mike1911_v9 Blue Dwarf
pi_mike9_v2 PI_MIKE9_V2
pi_mike9_v3 PI_MIKE9_V3
pi_mike9_v4 PI_MIKE9_V4
pi_mike9_v5 PI_MIKE9_V5
pi_papa320 M19
pi_papa320_v10 Moneymaker
pi_papa320_v11 Privet
pi_papa320_v12 PI_PAPA320_V12
pi_papa320_v13 PI_PAPA320_V13
pi_papa320_v2 Slick Steel
pi_papa320_v3 Dirty Business
pi_papa320_v4 High Roller
pi_papa320_v5 Severance
pi_papa320_v6 Aspirator
pi_papa320_v7 Two-Tone
pi_papa320_v8 White Out
pi_papa320_v9 Red Dwarf
pi_usierra45 USP 45
pickup_axe ^3&&1^7 Pick up Axe
proximity_explosive_pickup ^3&&1^7 Pickup I.E.D.
reflect_attachment Ram Servo
repeater R.A.W. Repeater
repeater_desc Modified R.A.W. with an increased ammo capacity. Headshot kills will refill the clip.
revolver Hailstorm
riotshield_radar_attachment Radar
riotshield_speed_attachment Titanium
riotshield_spikes_attachment Titanium Frame
ripper RPR Evo
rocket_multi Rocket Spread
rvn R-VN
satcom SAT COM
sdfar R3K
sdflmg R.A.W.
sdfshotty DCM-8
select_fire_type Select &&1
sh_charlie725 725
sh_charlie725_v10 CQBoom
sh_charlie725_v11 SH_CHARLIE725_V11
sh_charlie725_v12 SH_CHARLIE725_V12
sh_charlie725_v13 Ice Storm
sh_charlie725_v2 Judgment
sh_charlie725_v3 Stumpy
sh_charlie725_v5 Rail Splitter
sh_charlie725_v7 Dread
sh_charlie725_v8 Ruin Seeker
sh_charlie725_v9 SH_CHARLIE725_V9
sh_dpapa12 R9-0 Shotgun
sh_dpapa12_incendiary DP-12 Incendiary
sh_dpapa12_v10 SH_DPAPA12_V10
sh_dpapa12_v11 Skull Hammer
sh_dpapa12_v12 SH_DPAPA12_V12
sh_dpapa12_v2 Smoothbore
sh_dpapa12_v4 Tenderizer
sh_dpapa12_v5 Hardhat
sh_dpapa12_v6 Restrictor
sh_dpapa12_v7 Death's Voice
sh_dpapa12_v8 Bloodhound
sh_dpapa12_v9 SH_DPAPA12_V9
sh_mike26 SH_MIKE26
sh_mike26_v2 SH_MIKE26_V2
sh_mike26_v3 SH_MIKE26_V3
sh_mike26_v4 SH_MIKE26_V4
sh_mike26_v5 SH_MIKE26_V5
sh_oscar12 Origin 12 Shotgun
sh_oscar12_v10 SH_OSCAR12_V10
sh_oscar12_v11 SH_OSCAR12_V11
sh_oscar12_v12 SH_OSCAR12_V12
sh_oscar12_v13 SH_OSCAR12_V13
sh_oscar12_v2 Clubman
sh_oscar12_v3 Final Reprieve
sh_oscar12_v4 Pastel Death
sh_oscar12_v5 Morning Glory
sh_oscar12_v6 SH_OSCAR12_V6
sh_oscar12_v8 Slizen
sh_oscar12_v9 SH_OSCAR12_V9
sh_romeo870 Model 680
sh_romeo870_v10 Gulf Stalker
sh_romeo870_v2 The Ejector
sh_romeo870_v3 Trench
sh_romeo870_v4 Hush
sh_romeo870_v5 1337 Skeet
sh_romeo870_v6 Showstopper
sh_romeo870_v7 SH_ROMEO870_V7
sh_romeo870_v8 Black Betty
sh_romeo870_v9 Corner Clear
shotgun_attachment w/ Shotgun
shroud_attachment Shroud
silencer_attachment Suppressed
slasher_saw Smiley
sm_akilo74 AK-74
sm_augolf AUG
sm_augolf_v10 Leecher
sm_augolf_v11 Affluenza
sm_augolf_v12 Antivenom
sm_augolf_v2 Gremlin
sm_augolf_v3 Airshot
sm_augolf_v4 Supersonic
sm_augolf_v5 Trust Fund
sm_augolf_v7 Dame Fortuna
sm_augolf_v8 Breach Beast
sm_augolf_v9 Silverstar
sm_beta PP19 Bizon
sm_beta_v10 SM_BETA_V10
sm_beta_v11 SM_BETA_V11
sm_beta_v12 SM_BETA_V12
sm_beta_v2 Moral Argument
sm_beta_v3 Zebra
sm_beta_v4 Last Warrior
sm_beta_v5 Nursing Death
sm_beta_v6 Pinch Hitter
sm_beta_v7 SM_BETA_V7
sm_beta_v8 Wolf's Bite
sm_beta_v9 Relentless
sm_charlie9 SM_CHARLIE9
sm_charlie9_v2 SM_CHARLIE9_V2
sm_charlie9_v3 SM_CHARLIE9_V3
sm_charlie9_v4 SM_CHARLIE9_V4
sm_charlie9_v5 SM_CHARLIE9_V5
sm_mpapa5_v10 SM_MPAPA5_V10
sm_mpapa5_v11 SM_MPAPA5_V11
sm_mpapa5_v12 SM_MPAPA5_V12
sm_mpapa5_v2 Strapped
sm_mpapa5_v3 Admiral's Pride
sm_mpapa5_v4 Feeling Rusty
sm_mpapa5_v5 Sand Snake
sm_mpapa5_v6 Flood
sm_mpapa5_v7 SM_MPAPA5_V7
sm_mpapa5_v8 Heat Cycle
sm_mpapa5k MP5K
sm_mpapa7 MP7
sm_mpapa7_v10 SM_MPAPA7_V10
sm_mpapa7_v11 SM_MPAPA7_V11
sm_mpapa7_v12 SM_MPAPA7_V12
sm_mpapa7_v13 SM_MPAPA7_V13
sm_mpapa7_v2 Piercer
sm_mpapa7_v3 Sandman
sm_mpapa7_v4 Cataclysmic
sm_mpapa7_v5 Corinthian
sm_mpapa7_v7 Smelter
sm_mpapa7_v8 Vespertine
sm_mpapa7_v9 Bengal
sm_papa90 P90
sm_papa90_v10 Corrosion
sm_papa90_v11 SM_PAPA90_V11
sm_papa90_v12 Casanova
sm_papa90_v2 Stygian
sm_papa90_v3 Ruby Rampage
sm_papa90_v4 Area 51
sm_papa90_v5 Blizzard Warfare
sm_papa90_v6 X-PaNZer
sm_papa90_v7 Dry Heat
sm_papa90_v8 The Dark
sm_papa90_v9 Original Sin
sm_smgolf45 Striker 45
sm_smgolf45_v2 Undertaker
sm_smgolf45_v3 SM_SMGOLF45_V3
sm_smgolf45_v4 SM_SMGOLF45_V4
sm_smgolf45_v5 SM_SMGOLF45_V5
sm_uzulu Uzi
sm_uzulu_v10 SM_UZULU_V10
sm_uzulu_v11 Mach-5
sm_uzulu_v12 SM_UZULU_V12
sm_uzulu_v13 SM_UZULU_V13
sm_uzulu_v2 Blowback
sm_uzulu_v3 Chromatic
sm_uzulu_v5 Cartel
sm_uzulu_v6 SM_UZULU_V6
sm_uzulu_v7 Speed Run
sm_uzulu_v8 Quick Snap
sm_uzulu_v9 Golden Rule
smart_attachment Smart Shot
sn_alpha50 AX-50
sn_alpha50_v10 Sunspot
sn_alpha50_v11 SN_ALPHA50_V11
sn_alpha50_v12 SN_ALPHA50_V12
sn_alpha50_v13 SN_ALPHA50_V13
sn_alpha50_v2 Corpse Maker
sn_alpha50_v3 Suffering's End
sn_alpha50_v4 Last Chance
sn_alpha50_v5 Ragnarok
sn_alpha50_v6 Trebuchet
sn_alpha50_v7 Big Game
sn_alpha50_v8 SN_ALPHA50_V8
sn_alpha50_v9 Fuelrod
sn_crossbow Crossbow
sn_crossbow_v2 SN_CROSSBOW_V2
sn_crossbow_v3 SN_CROSSBOW_V3
sn_crossbow_v4 SN_CROSSBOW_V4
sn_crossbow_v5 Ice Lance
sn_delta Dragunov
sn_delta_v10 SN_DELTA_V10
sn_delta_v11 SN_DELTA_V11
sn_delta_v12 SN_DELTA_V12
sn_delta_v13 SN_DELTA_V13
sn_delta_v2 Plague Sore
sn_delta_v3 Chroma
sn_delta_v4 Semi-God
sn_delta_v5 Siberian Tiger
sn_delta_v6 Crimson Ursa
sn_delta_v7 Tusk
sn_delta_v8 Sell High
sn_delta_v9 SN_DELTA_V9
sn_hadir Hadir's Sniper Rifle
sn_hdromeo HDR
sn_hdromeo_v10 End State
sn_hdromeo_v11 SN_HDROMEO_V11
sn_hdromeo_v12 SN_HDROMEO_V12
sn_hdromeo_v13 SN_HDROMEO_V13
sn_hdromeo_v2 Hadir's Right Hand
sn_hdromeo_v4 The Oceanographer
sn_hdromeo_v5 Perfect Storm
sn_hdromeo_v6 Scorpionem
sn_hdromeo_v7 The Alpha
sn_hdromeo_v9 Early Riser
sn_kilo98 Kar98k
sn_kilo98_v10 Black Diamond
sn_kilo98_v11 SN_KILO98_V11
sn_kilo98_v12 SN_KILO98_V12
sn_kilo98_v13 SN_KILO98_V13
sn_kilo98_v2 Ol' Dusty
sn_kilo98_v3 Sand Scorpion
sn_kilo98_v4 Butterfly Kisses
sn_kilo98_v5 Dust Devil
sn_kilo98_v6 Long Arm
sn_kilo98_v7 Heart Of The Beast
sn_kilo98_v8 Sterling
sn_kilo98_v9 Incisor
sn_mike14 EBR-14
sn_mike142 TEST M14
sn_mike14_v10 Line Breaker
sn_mike14_v11 SN_MIKE14_V11
sn_mike14_v12 SN_MIKE14_V12
sn_mike14_v13 SN_MIKE14_V13
sn_mike14_v3 Swamp Weed
sn_mike14_v4 Stiff Arm
sn_mike14_v5 Messenger
sn_mike14_v6 Flesh Wound
sn_mike14_v7 Eradication
sn_mike14_v9 Moonphase
sn_sbeta MK2 Carbine
sn_sbeta_v10 SN_SBETA_V10
sn_sbeta_v11 SN_SBETA_V11
sn_sbeta_v12 SN_SBETA_V12
sn_sbeta_v2 Ending Misery
sn_sbeta_v3 Heartthrob
sn_sbeta_v4 The Warden
sn_sbeta_v5 Dusty Trail
sn_sbeta_v6 SN_SBETA_V6
sn_sbeta_v7 Brushstroke
sn_sbeta_v8 Golden Age
sn_sbeta_v9 SN_SBETA_V9
snprscope_kar98_attachment Scoped
sonic Banshee
spas Rack-9
spas_classic S-Ravage
spiked_bat Spiked Bat
spiked_bat_pap1 Homer
spiked_bat_pap2 Grand Slam
spoon_shiv Shiv
spotter_scope Airstrike Marker
stasis KBS Stasis
stasis_desc Modified KBS that has reduced ADS Sway.
steeldragon F-SpAr Torch
steeldragon_mp Steel Dragon
strike_marker Strike Marker
subclass_id_10 Juliet
subclass_id_11 Kilo
subclass_id_12 Lima
subclass_id_13 Mike
subclass_id_15 Oscar
subclass_id_16 Papa
subclass_id_17 Quebec
subclass_id_18 Romeo
subclass_id_19 Sierra
subclass_id_2 Bravo
subclass_id_20 Tango
subclass_id_21 Uniform
subclass_id_22 Victor
subclass_id_23 Whiskey
subclass_id_24 Xray
subclass_id_25 Yankee
subclass_id_26 Zulu
subclass_id_5 Echo
subclass_id_6 Foxtrot
subclass_id_7 Golf
subclass_id_8 Hotel
subclass_id_9 India
suppressor_l_attachment Suppressor (Long)
suppressor_s_attachment Suppressor (Short)
target_not_enough_clearance Not Enough Room To Fire
target_too_close Too Close to Target
teargas Tear Gas
thermite Thermite Detonator
thermobaric_grenade_mp Thermobaric Grenade
throwing_axe Throwing Axe
two_headed_axe Two-Headed Axe
two_headed_axe_pap2 Janus
uav_3dping Oracle
uav_strike NZ3 Designator
ubshtgn Deputy
udm45 UDM
ump45 HVR
ump45_classic MacTav-45
vgrip_attachment Vert Grip
vr X-Eon
vzscope_attachment Variable Zoom
weapondrop_marker Weapon Drop Marker
xmags_attachment_br ExMags
xmags_drum_attachment Drum Mag
xmags_energy_attachment Recharge


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Spencer This is great, I will be messing around with this on my pc for fun!

how do you intal this i dont understand


This is great, I will be messing around with this on my pc for fun!


Whenever i try to change my calling card it changes the name but not the actual calling card can you explain what im doing wrong?


Can't replace the tag for some reason ?