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Adam's Venture: Origins - Nerves of steel

Tutorial Name: Adam's Venture: Origins - Nerves of steel  

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Completed the Mine I episode.

After finishing up Solomon's Throne Room, you'll be in the Mine. Follow the path and take the mine cart to the end, then grapple and make your way along the path until you get to an elevator. Take that to the maze. As far as I can tell, these are entirely trial and error, so here's the solution relative to the camera angle: go in, up, down, left, left, up, right, down, down, left, right, right, down, left, left, up, right, down, left, left, up, up, left to exit. Take the mining cart to the end, then follow the path until you get to another stealth area. Run past the guards (they can't hear you running) until you get to the dynamite puzzle. Put a nail in the upper right spot, the center left spot, and the right spot in the row second from the bottom.

Continue without being detected, follow the path and continue through another stealth area until you get to an elevator that takes you to another maze. The solution is: left, left, up, left, down, up, right, down, left, right, down, right, left, up, right, left, up, down, left, left, then exit. Follow the path to another stealth area. Avoid the guards until you get to another dynamite puzzle. The solution is putting a nail in the two spots in the middle row, and then one in the left spot of the row just below it. Follow the path and you'll go through one more stealth area, then you'll come back to an elevator. Take it up to a maze, then just walk through the maze after the cut scene, hop in the mine cart, and ride it down the path to end the episode and unlock the achievement.


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