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Adam's Venture: Origins - Kill two stones with one bird

Tutorial Name: Adam's Venture: Origins - Kill two stones with one bird  

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Completed the Jerusalem episode.

This encompasses the Airport and Jerusalem episodes.


After escaping from the cell, zip line out and follow Evelyn until she tells you about avoiding the light. When the light moves away, quickly run left behind the boxes. Wait for the light to move back, then run left again to go around the outside of the area and you'll come to a car. Now you need to find fuel. Go past the car to the first warehouse. Avoid the guard and grab the can of fuel on the far right side closest to you, and then leave the back of the building. Head into the second warehouse and avoid the two guards and grab the second gas can. Head back and out the back of the warehouse. Now you'll be at an outdoor area with two tents. The third gas can is in the farther tent. Stay behind the tents and wait for the guard to walk away and the light to move. Go into the tent and grab the last gas can. The alarm will sound and the guard will leave. Leave the tent and head straight toward the plane and the small building. Climb the ladder and follow the overhead path all the way back to the car. Interact with the car to finish the episode.


Follow the linear path through town, through all the buildings and alleyways, rooftops, and eventually you'll meet up with Evelyn in a sort of courtyard and she'll tell you to open the gate and return the water supply to the town. From the gate, head back and hug the right wall to find a climbable ledge. Platform up to find another boiler puzzle. The solution is -10, -10, +7, +7, -1, +7, -10. This opens the gate and returns the water to the town and unlocks the achievement. Take the ladder down and go through the gate to finish the episode.


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