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Adam's Venture: Origins - All roads lead to Luz

Tutorial Name: Adam's Venture: Origins - All roads lead to Luz  

Category: Xbox One Tutorials

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Completed the Oxford Dungeon episode.

After completing the Oxford episode, grab the grappling hook in front of you and use it to swing over the pit, then drop down. You'll be in a big well of sorts. Make your way down to the bottom, then head up the stairs and open the door to find a huge room with pieces missing from the four pillars. Pull the switch on the floor to open a door, then head back down the stairs and into the new area. This part consists of you using the grappling hook to platform around a big circular area. Along the way you'll come across the four missing pieces, which are just flat circular grey things lying on the ground, and they shimmer. Pick them up with [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] as you find them. Once you've gotten them all and reach the end, you'll go back up a tunnel back into the first room. Head to the pillars and place a piece on each one. This reveals a map and completes the episode, unlocking the achievement.


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