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A Walk in the Dark: Ninja Cat

Tutorial Name: A Walk in the Dark: Ninja Cat  

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Complete all levels in a unique speed run without dying more than 10 times.

The achievement description here is very misleading. There need not be anything unique about this run (it doesn't have to be a new game or separate save file or anything), and there is no time limit, so you aren't really speed running the game to beat any specific time. What you actually need to do is complete the entire game (all 100 levels) starting from level 1 in one sitting without dying more than 10 times. Dying 10 times is fine, but the 11th death voids the achievement.

This may sound very intimidating at first, and extremely difficult after dying close to 1000 times while obtaining a 100% completion, but thankfully there is an exploit that can be taken advantage of to make this way easier. The basis for this exploit is that pausing the game and selecting to Restart doesn't count as a death. This means that when you die, if you pause the game during the death animation before you respawn and select to Restart, it won't count as a death. This literally let's you cheat death throughout your playthrough. Just make sure you're fast enough to catch it each time, and remember you are allowed 10 deaths in case you miss it.

One other important thing to note is that backing out to the map screen voids the achievement as well. You must start from level 1 and select Next Level after beating each one. So just make sure that if you're jumping between restarting a level when you die and moving on to the next level when you beat it, that you don't accidentally pick the Map option, otherwise you'll have to start all over.

How long this achievement takes will really depend on skill and how familiar you are with each level, and how fast you decide to go. A safe bet is to plan for around an hour to finish the game. It could be faster if you don't die much, or it could take longer if you're not good at the cave levels and have to restart a lot. But using the exploit about, this achievement should be obtainable for anyone as long as you have enough time.

Once you beat level 100 and the credits start to roll, the achievement will unlock.


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