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A Walk in the Dark: Hero Cat

Tutorial Name: A Walk in the Dark: Hero Cat  

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Complete all levels.

This achievement unlocks upon completing all 100 story levels (challenge levels aren't included). Levels actually don't unlock one after another, but I recommend going in order as the difficulty ramps up as levels progress.

Here is the layout of the levels:

Levels 1-5: Forest
Levels 6-9: Strange World
Levels 10-15: Forest
Levels 16-19: Cave
Levels 20-25: Forest
Levels 26-28: Strange World
Levels 29-31: Forest
Levels 32-35: Cave
Levels 36-40: House
Levels 41-45: Strange World
Levels 46-50: House
Levels 51-54: Cave
Levels 55-59: House
Levels 60-63: Strange World
Levels 64-68: House
Levels 69-72: Cave
Level 73: House
Levels 74-79: Spirit World
Levels 80-83: Cave
Levels 84-89: Spirit World
Levels 90-93: Cave
Levels 94-100: Spirit World

There are four types of levels involved in this achievement. I discuss each one below.

Forest levels

These are the earliest Bast levels in the game and are the simplest. They introduce you to the basic types of platforming, wall jumping, and enemy types. There isn't anything complicated in these levels. This is the best time to get used to managing your jump height to get over and through various obstacles.

Cave levels

These are auto-runner levels that are interspersed throughout all other worlds in the game in sets of four levels at a time. You play as Bast but you're auto-running to the right. In these levels, jumping makes you change gravity from the ground to the ceiling and vice versa. These levels are all about timing your jumps just right to avoid obstacles. These levels really will just take some practice to get the pattern down and develop some muscle memory for each level. Two other things that are important but you aren't told explicitly: the glowing pads automatically make you jump, and they're always in a position to do it safely. So when you see them, run into them without jumping. If you press jump, you'll likely end up jumping right back and dying. The second thing is that you can (and need to) duck under bullets and swinging enemies. In later Cave levels you'll encounter both, and you'll instinctively want to jump to avoid bullets coming at you, but know that the proper way to progress through the level is to duck under them. Same is true for the swinging enemies.

Strange World levels

These levels have you playing as Arielle, Bast's owner. These levels use a similar concept to the Cave levels, where jumping changes gravity so you go from floor to ceiling and vice versa. These aren't auto-runners though, so you can take your time a little more. Movement here will take some getting used to, since you can change speed and even direction in mid "jump." This makes it easier to accidentally miss platforms if you're not used to the speed at which you can move in mid air. In general though, these levels are some the easiest of the bunch and shouldn't pose any problems.

House levels

These are the second round of Bast levels after finishing the Forest levels. These introduce you to some new obstacles, such as bullets that shoot in set directions, enemies that swing on ropes from the ceiling, and glowing spots that invert gravity when you touch them. There's nothing too complicated here, other than getting used to platforming while upside down. All of the same physics rules apply to your jumps, it's just harder to get a feel for how far or high you need to jump while you're upside down.

Spirit World levels

These are the final tier of Bast levels, and they ramp up the difficulty by combining different types of obstacles, providing areas where you have to have very precise jumps to get between obstacles, and then also introducing a couple tweaks to existing obstacles. Some levels will have cannons that track your movements and will constantly try to shoot you. They aren't hard to avoid as long as you stay moving, just make sure to not accidentally jump into the bullets. There are also levels with glowing platforms that change gravity upon touching them. You should be familiar with this concept by now so it should be pretty easy to get a feel for. The last Spirit World level is pretty much a gauntlet through a bunch of different types of obstacles. Like all levels though, once you get the pattern down, it's very manageable.

Upon completing all 100 story levels, the achievement will unlock.


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