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A Walk in the Dark: Bolt Kitty

Tutorial Name: A Walk in the Dark: Bolt Kitty  

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Complete all timed levels under the par time.

All levels aside from cave levels have a par time that you have to complete the level under. Unfortunately there's no way to see the par time aside from when you finish the level, to see the time in advance or know if you're on pace or not. On the plus side, the par times are relatively lenient. There aren't any levels where you'll need to be picture perfect and complete the level with perfect jumps and without stopping. That being said, you still need to be fast and can't wait around.

In general, you'll find that most, if not all, levels are actually set up that if you move through them at full speed, the obstacles sync up for you to move right through the level without having to really stop at all. Bullets, saws, jumping frogs, etc., are usually all synced up to allow you a clear path if you move through the level without stopping. Keep that in mind as you try levels. If you're out of sync with an obstacle and have to wait, go faster.

Unfortunately the timer starts ticking as soon as the level starts, not as soon as you start moving. So make sure you're holding right so as soon as you spawn, you start running immediately. Also, don't try to get the shiny in this run, as the shiny is usually out of the way just enough to add enough seconds to your time to cause you to miss the par time.

The most important thing to being able to finish all levels in the par time is to be able to manage your jumps. You can jump at varying heights and have a varying amount of hang time depending on how long you hold 'A' when you jump. Jumping at the appropriate height for every obstacle while in a full sprint is key to making it through the levels in the par time. This may seem like a negative, but it's actually a good thing and makes the levels easier to speed run. It ends up coming down to muscle memory. In general you're going to be sprinting right throughout most or all of the level, and then just having to worry about jumping at the right height for each obstacle you come to. This makes it much easier to do levels consistently, as long as you make sure you're always jumping at the same height each time.

Combining the continually sprinting to the right from above along with obstacles syncing up if you move through the level quickly makes all of the levels very manageable. They all have a pattern, and once you play the level and see the pattern, there aren't any levels too difficult to get through.

To check your status, from the map screen you can hover over each level, and if the red medal on the right is lit up, then you completed it in under the par time. I highly recommend completing each level under the par time on your first playthrough (meaning don't move on to the next level until you speed run the level you're on). Since muscle memory and patterns are key, if you move on and come back later, you're going to have to relearn the level to some extent. Take advantage of the knowledge you have of the level while playing it.

Upon completing all non-cave levels under the par time, the achievement will unlock.


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