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Division 2 Grudge SMG Guide

Tutorial Name: Division 2 Grudge SMG Guide  

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Before we get into how you can get this weapon, let us look into the attributes and talents that it has. The following are the core attributes of the Grudge high-end SMG:

+15 SMG Damage
+7.5% Critical Hit Chance
+11.5% Magazine Size

The talent of the weapon is Perfect Vindictive. With this talent, killing an enemy with a status effect applied grants you and all allies in 20m an 18% critical hit chance and 18% critical hit damage for 20 seconds. You can throw on some mods on this weapon to make it even better.

The Grudge high-end SMG does 70.5K damage, has a 57 mag size and shoots bullets at 900 RPM. These are pretty high-end stats for an SMG and that is why you will be interested in getting one of these.

Now that we have got that out of the way we can move on to how you can get this weapon. In order to get this weapon, you need to complete the story of Warlords of New York and kill the final boss. Once you have done that, he will drop this weapon and you can use it.


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