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How To use system Recovery in Windows 10 PC

Tutorial Name: How To use system Recovery in Windows 10 PC  

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Before we start with how to Reset Windows 10, there are a few things that you need to consider. While resetting will reset all the registry files and the OS itself, anything stored in C drive will also be deleted.

I suggest that you backup your Documents, Desktop, Downloads, and other files and folders if you don\'t want them to be deleted forever. With that out of the way, here is how to reset Windows 10.

Step 1: Open Settings by clicking on the Start menu and then select the gear icon.

Step 2: Now select "Update & Security"

Step 3: From the left, click on "Recovery"

Step 4: Click on "Get Started" under Reset This PC.

Stepp 5: Now, you have two options. Either you can choose "Keep My files" or "Remove Everything". Whichever you choose, the OS will be reset. The difference between these options is obvious. "Keep My Files" will only delete installed apps and changes to the settings but will keep your personal files intact. The latter option will completely delete everything from your PC.

Step 6: If you choose "Remove Everything" then you\'ll be prompted with Additional Settings. By default, Windows 10 has selected Just remove your files, which is quick but the data can be recovered. So it\'s not ideal if you are giving away or selling your system. You can change it by clicking on "Change Settings". Once you have selected the settings hit "Next".

Step 7: When prompted click on Reset and the OS will beging resetting itself. Click on Continue when prompted.


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Thank you for showing me how to use system recovery on windows 10, I didn't have all the knowledge prior and appreciate it.


Nice and short tutorial. Gets to the point.