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How To Earn Hexagons Fast In Ark Genesis

Tutorial Name: How To Earn Hexagons Fast In Ark Genesis  

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With the launch of Ark: Genesis, comes a couple of very interesting game mechanics. The first of these is the new missions and the second is the rewards of these missions which are the Hexagons we are discussing here.

To get to the missions, you will need to go into your inventory where you will find a little indicator for the number of Hexagons you have. Next to that, we have a mission list. Click on that and it will show you the complete list of missions that are available to the player in a specific biome. You will also notice that the missions are sorted according to their level of proximity.

What you need to do now, is click on one of the missions on the list, then go up to the top right and click on "Track Mission". This will make an icon appear on your screen which will help you to find the mission in question.

In this guide, we will particularly focus on the Dodo Ball mission. To give you a bit of info about the mission, Dodo Ball is basically basketball, played with birds. There are three difficulty levels of this mission which are Gamma, Alpha and Beta. The Alpha difficulty will have the greatest reward of Hexagons and items.

Hexagons Fast In Ark Genesis

Moving on to the gameplay of this mission, what you have to do is pick up the Dodo and shoot hoops with it. You need to do this until you get enough points to complete the mission. Do beware of the fact that the game being Ark, you might face random attacks from creatures in between shooting the hoops.

The positive thing about the Dodo Ball mission is that it is a very uncomplicated and easy mission to complete even for a new player. The level is also repeatable, so you can do it many times, however, the number of Hexagons that you are rewarded will diminish each time.

Now there are other missions you can try to play through to earn the Hexagons, like the Bog Beatdown, but it is definitely not something for a new player to attempt because it can get quite tough.

Completing missions though is not the only way to generate Hexagons. You can also earn them by the closure of Glitches. You can spot the Glitches on the game map quite easily as they have a glowing purple beacon emanating from them. All you need to do is approach the Glitch and hold down the "E" button to fix the Glitch.

In return for fixing the Glitch, you will be rewarded with Hexagons and an Exposition Dump from HLNA. Once you have received the Hexagons, you simply need to look at HLNA and click upon Exchange Hexagons.

This will open up her Hexagon Exchange. In it, you are able to buy resources using the Hexagons. You will find the Common Resources in the Exchange and also some more exotic ones such as Element. You can also purchase items like the Cryo Pods and Loot Crates from there.


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