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How to Beat Zarbon in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Tutorial Name: How to Beat Zarbon in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot  

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Zarbon serves in the Freiza Force alongside Dodoria and is one the two highest-ranking Generals and right-hand men. In this guide, we will discuss how we can effectively fight him and How to Beat Zarbon in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

How to Beat Zarbon in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot
There will be two boss fights with Zarbon in Freiza Saga and both of the times you will be fighting as Vegeta. His abilities will not change in the second battle but he will be significantly harder to fight. Here are the tips and strategies on how you can beat Zarbon:

Circumvent damage
Obviously you need to avoid damage when you can but it is important to remember that most of Zarbon\'s attacks are easy to dodge but moves like Grab are a little hard to avoid. As it is imperative that you will get damage from some moves, so you must avoid damage from every other move where it is possible. You should always dodge Wild Blaster and Headbutt.

Galick Gun is your friend
Galick gun can inflict a lot of damage, which is why it is best to use this ability as much as possible whenever you get the chance.

Abilities and Boss Tips
Following are Zarbon\'s abilities along with tips on avoiding each one.

Shooting Star Arrow
This move comprises of two parts, the first one is the flashy animation that is followed by the raining down of flashy orbs from the sky. It is easy to dodge. This is the flashiest of Zarbon\'s abilities.

This is the second part of the shooting star arrow called grab and is impossible to dodge. When the orbs are raining down, Zarbon will fly towards you in a very fast speed and grab you dealing damage in the process. You need to fly as far away from him as possible till the star rain stops.

Wild Blaster
Move out of the way when Zarbon shoots an energy beam towards you called wild blaster.

This attack is basically a roundhouse kick when you are fighting in close proximity to him. In order to avoid this don\'t stay too close to him.

Wild Headbutt
Just a few moments before the Headbutt a red line indicator will appear and you have to get out of there immediately in order to avoid it.

Bloody Dance
This attack can be guarded or dodged. In this attack, Zarbon will shower you with several fiery kicks by approaching you first


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