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Black Ops 3 - Time Travel Will Tell

Tutorial Name: Black Ops 3 - Time Travel Will Tell  

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In Shangri-La, acquire the Focusing Stone.

Step 1: Turn on the power, as is the norm in zombies. If you are new to the map, it is essentially one large circle with there being two barriers to leave the spawn room that inevitably lead you to the power room underground. There will be two power switches to turn on right next to each other.

Step 2: Activate Eclipse mode in the spawn room, and have one or two people watching the last zombies in spawn. Two players need to go through either side of the spawn room for this step. The player who is to the left of Quick Revive if you are looking at the perk machine should go down the little hill and before going into the tunnel, turn right and on the giant pillar-object there is a button like the one in spawn. Press this button and dialogue will begin and several squares will appear on the ground on both sides next to the spawn room.

For this step, one player must step on a tile, see what symbol appears on it, and back off of the tile. They should then call out to the other player to start stepping on all of their symbols to check for a matching one. The second player can call back to the first that they are on the right symbol, and the first player can step back on. If the two players happen to be standing on mismatching symbols, you must re-do any tiles you have already matched, so watch where you and your teammates step. Symbols on the waterfall side can be found at either end of the bridge, but none are down the tunnel. There are 12 symbols in total.

Shangri-La: Stepping Stones

Step 3: Enter Eclipse mode again. Three players should be standing at the bottom of the water slide, and the easiest way of getting there from spawn is through the mud room, then left to the slide itself. Once three players are in position, the fourth should go down the water slide while holding X to flip a switch. If done correctly, Eclipse should end.

Step 4: Enter Eclipse mode again. Go to the entrance of the water slide and look up. There should be a white crystal sitting on the cliffside. Knock it down with an explosive such as grenades or a ray gun. Once it is on the ground, shoot it with the 31-79 JGb215 to shrink it. Knife the crystal and follow it down the slide and up the geyser. Once done correctly, the eclipse should end.

Step 5: For this step you will need a Napalm Zombie. It is one of two special zombies on the map, the other being the Screecher. The first time a special zombie will spawn in is round 4, and after that they will begin to randomly spawn through the rounds. You will know one is spawning when you see flames rising from the ground and your screen is surrounded in fire. Be very careful as getting too close will cause it to explode and you will have to wait for another.
Note: As Bastian Reader has commented below, in Black Ops III if you stray too far from the Napalm Zombie it will despawn and come back as a normal zombie, so keep an eye on it the whole time you need it.

Once you have one spawned in, activate Eclipse mode. At the left side of the spawn (Looking at Quick Revive) go into the tunnel and there should be valve wheel. Spin the wheel four times and lead the Napalm Zombie through this tunnel all the way to the power room. Your goal is to have the Napalm light four gas leaks coming from pipes along the way, and it should light all four on fire on the way there. When they are all lit, go back to the valve and pull the lever next to it with X.

Step 6: Enter Eclipse mode again. Buy Trip Mines which can be found in the power room, across from the gobblegum machine. Go to the waterfall side of the map and into the tunnel leading down to the water. Along the walls are four holes which can be plugged by throwing trip mines on the ground and having zombies trigger them. Once all four are plugged, go down to the water and there should be a brick on the rock structure in the center of the water that says 'Don't hold X' when you go near it. Do the unthinkable and hold X and you will complete the step.

Step 7: Enter Eclipse mode again. There will be 12 tiles along the walls around the map identical to the ones you stepped on in the second step. You must knife all of these tiles so that the symbols light up on all of them. There are 5 in the spawn area, 2 by the minecart, 2 in the mudpit area, and 3 underground near the spawn. Once all 12 are lit up, go to the minecart area and look outside the map in the leaves. There should be a small structure made of wooden sticks. Through a grenade to blow this structure up and you will complete the step.

Step 8: Enter Eclipse mode again. In the four corners of the mudpit are four wheels with symbols for each direction. You want all four of these wheels to be in the correct augmentation. If you are in the mudpit looking directly at the spawn room, the wheel on the right should have the symbol that looks like four dots in a row pointing up. The wheel on the opposite wall should have three dots in a row as the top symbol. The perpendicular wheel should have a large C, a line, and a dot as the top symbol. The last wheel should have a single dot. The eclipse should end and you are done with this step.

Have the 31-79 JGb215 pack-a-punched. If you don't know how to Pack-a-Punch, there are four panels to be stepped on around the map. One across the bridge from spawn, one in spawn, one in the tunnel near the minecart area, and one in the power room between the switches. Pressing all of those lets players go up the staircase inside spawn for a short amount of time and upgrade their weapons.

Step 9: Enter Eclipse mode again. Around the minecart area, waterfall area, and spawn are gongs which can be knifed to produce a sound. Through trial and error, you must knife the four correct gongs in a row. A gong is right if the crystals on the stands above spawn do not glow. But if they glow red, the gong you just knifed is incorrect. Once you know all four of the good gong locations, knife them all and the crystals should glow a bright color. Go under the crystal near the minecart and shoot it with the upgraded 31-79 JGb215. It will drop dynamite which you must catch by holding X. Failing to do so just means you have to enter eclipse and do the gongs again.

After this, go to the spawn and look left if you are looking up the staircase. Shoot the crystal above the mud room with the 31-79 JGb215. The shot should bounce around and shrink the meteor above the temple.

Step 10: Make sure you are in Eclipse. Open the pack-a-punch again and go up to where the machine would be and there should be a wall. Hold X on the wall to give them the dynamite. Back away from the wall and eclipse should end. Go back up the stairs and on an altar is the Focusing Stone. Pick it up and everyone unlocks the achievement. However, only the player that picks up the stone will get permanent perks for that game. You can re-do the quest in the same game over and over so more people can get the perks.

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