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Code Vein - Gift Gatherer

Tutorial Name: Code Vein - Gift Gatherer  

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Learn 150 Gifts (excluding those learned when acquiring a blood code)

Now to inherit them you will do this buy unlocking whatever abilities you bought with a blood code first. Then once you are in your menu to switch types go select all the moves that you just unlocked with the haze. Once you have all the new abilities selected just go out and kill enemies for it to be inherited. You will see a progress bar at the bottom of the abilities than can be inherited. Once it is done you will see at the left side of your screen it can now be inherited. Also when you look at the ability in the menus it will have a plus symbol in the upper right hand corner.

The other way to inherit abilities is once you buy a new once you have the option to press the Y button on it and it will ask you if you want to max out proficiency. Now this will take a set amount of haze and a certain type of awake items. There are all kinds of different types of awake items so be aware of that and be sure to use them sparingly for a bit.

Once you buy the gifts the achievements will unlock right away. Also when you get that last inherited gift by either killing and enemy or by using the awake items the achievement will pop right away as well.

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