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Perfect Dark - Camera Shy

Tutorial Name: Perfect Dark - Camera Shy  

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Destroy 5 security cameras.

You must destroy five DIFFERENT cameras. Despite other solutions' claims, dying or replaying a level and shooting the same cameras again will not work. However, dying or replaying does save which cameras you've already destroyed, so destroying 4 in a level and then returning to that level and destroying a 5th different camera will unlock the achievement. The cameras DO NOT have to be on the same level, you simply must destroy 5 unique cameras.

There are SIX cameras on the first level (Mission 1.1 dataDyne Central - Defection) on Perfect Agent difficulty. Here are the locations, thanks to Grimdog John and Kronos147:

2 in open area at the start - One on the wall near the door, one directly opposite
2 in the first room you enter - One facing you before you meet enemy around the corner, the other is along the ramp you're standing on
1 in the lobby area on the floor beneath Cassandras office - Go past the two lifts and turn right
1 on the long corridor with the offices where the programmer is hiding - top left corner above the plant

Note these 6 cameras only appear on Perfect Agent (4 of them appear on Secret Agent).

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