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Borderlands 3 How to get the Conference Call Shotgun

Tutorial Name: Borderlands 3 How to get the Conference Call Shotgun  

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Borderlands 3 How to get the Conference Call Legendary Shotgun
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When there are so many weapons to choose from in Borderlands 3, just how are you supposed to have a favourite? Luckily, there are a few firearms that you just can\'t ignore that take their undisputed place as some of the best weapons in Borderlands 3.

One of the elite models we\'ve found is the Conference Call.

If you\'ve played games in the series before then you might recognise the Conference Call from previous adventures, and know that it\'s an absolute beast of a shotgun.

Because it\'s a Hyperion manufactured weapon, the Conference Call has the trademark front-facing shield for added protection when you\'re moving in for the best shot, and this one even has a decent reload speed for when you\'ve burned through all eight shots.

What\'s more, absorbing damage with that front-facing shield actually returns shells to your magazine, letting you keep on firing in the heat of battle.

How to get Conference Call

Basically, you have to farm the Katagawa Jr boss on Promethea.

Every boss in Borderlands 3 has a checkpoint right before their battle, so all you need to do is quit the game, reload, and do the fight again if you don\'t get the weapon you want.

Arekkz and his party report that they\'ve managed to get the Conference Call quite consistently using this method:

Head to Rhys\' office on Promethea as part of the story mission
Enter the Katagawa Jr boss fight and beat him
If you don\'t get Conference Call, quit the game
Reload Borderlands 3 and you should be at the checkpoint before the fight
Repeat until you get the shotgun

If you\'ve already completed this boss, don\'t worry. You\'ll be able to farm both anointed and legendary weapons in perpetuity with Mayhem Mode once the credits roll.

When you finish the main game you\'ll also be able to unlock the Proving Grounds endgame activities as well.


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