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Borderlands 3 Best Beastmaster (Fl4k) Builds

Tutorial Name: Borderlands 3 Best Beastmaster (Fl4k) Builds  

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Borderlands 3 Beastmaster (Fl4k) Builds
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Beastmaster is the most unique of the four classes, since you have a choice of little deadly helpers to fight by your side.

You choose one pet, which is different for each tree, then build your set with an Action Skill and two augments.

The pet for the Stalker tree is Jabber, who has a pistol and buffs your movement speed.

This is a good tree for solo players, since you can upgrade to a passive that lets your pet revive you during Fight For Your Life.

The rest of the tree is about getting healthy and staying there, with hefty amounts of health regeneration and buffs to gun damage and movement speed when you\'re above half health.

Its headline Action Skill is cool too. Fade Away lets you turn invisible and fire off three critical hits. This is strong with high-damage, single-shot weapons like sniper rifles if that\'s your style of choice.

The Hunter tree gives you a Spiderant Centurion that constantly regenerates your health as a pet, and has an interesting array of passives.

A lot of them are quite situational, like buffing you when you kill a badass or stronger enemy. But this is balanced by the strong Action Skills and augments which heavily buff your Action Skill - which shoots out Rakks at the enemy - and your pet.

If you want an eclectic playstyle that really shines in certain situations against particular enemies then this is the tree to invest in.

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Finally, the Master tree rocks a Guard Skag pet that increases Fl4k\'s base damage. However, this is probably the best tree to team up with one of the others because it has strong passives that you can access early on.

Ferocity and Persistence Hunter are very strong, as are He Bites and Psycho Head on a Stick.

If you want more control over your pet though, it might be worth checking out the Gamma Burst Action Skills which gives you greater control over its location, as well as powerful buffs via augments.

Because he has a pet helper to draw some of the heat, that makes Fl4k the natural sniper/long-range character. When you\'ve got time to pick your spot, you want every shot to dish out the most damage. Here\'s a build that makes the most of idea:

From Stalker -
Equip the Gunslinger Jabber pet, Until you are Dead, and Unblinking Eye
5 points in Furious Attack
4 points in Eager to Impress
5 points in Overclocked
3 points in Turn Tail and Run
3 points in The Fast and the Furryous
5 points in Hidden Machine
1 point in The Power Inside

From Master -
3 points in Persistence Hunter
2 points in Go for the Eyes
From Hunter -

5 points in Interplanetary Stalker
5 points in Ambush Predator
2 points in 2 F4ng

The Beastmaster is one of the coolest new addition to Borderlands 3 and the pet mechanic is sure to be popular. This build gives you a good mix of high damage, but also survivability as well - especially if you\'re playing solo.


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