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Borderlands 3 Best Operative (Zane) Builds

Tutorial Name: Borderlands 3 Best Operative (Zane) Builds  

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Borderlands 3 Operative (Zane) Builds
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Doubled Agent
Zane probably has the most variability in his movesets because he can equip the most different Action Skills and augments. However, he only has one Action Skill per tree, so you\'ll have to invest in multiple at the same time to utilize more than one.

The first is Digi-clone, which sends out a decoy to distract the enemy. You can upgrade this skill to heal Zane in a pinch, or explode on expiry. This is probably best for personal survivability, and is very specialized, with many of the passives granting bonuses to his Clone as well.

With that being the case, it\'s probably best to try and max out this tree if you\'re going to use it, so you can get the full benefit of all the passives.

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Rather than a digital clone, the Hitman tree sends out an automated drone that attacks enemies.

The difference with the previous tree though is that Hitman has an absolute ton of universally useful passives and "Kill Skills" that activate when he downs an enemy. These do things like increase his movement speed, gun damage, and reload speed, or give his weapons a life-leeching effect.

This makes it a great tree to combo with another.

Under Cover
Under Cover is the most defensive of the three trees. It\'s headline ability is Barrier, which summons a shield that all of your team can hide behind or shoot through.

While this is most useful in multiplayer scenarios, it could also be good in solo to take the heat off your character if you\'re getting mobbed.

The rest of the passives increase Zane\'s survivability by doing useful things like increasing his maximum shields, topping up his health under certain conditions, or giving him buffs while he\'s healthy.

If support and survivability is what\'s required, then Under Cover is a strong choice.

To make the most of Zane\'s utility in any situation, try out this build that focuses on dealing as much damage as possible:

From Doubled Agent -
Equip Digi-Clone, Schadenfreude, and Binary System
5 points in Snychonicity
5 points in Borrowed Time
5 points in Donnybrook
1 point in Fractal Frags
5 points in Duct Tape Mod
1 point in Quick Breather
1 point in Old-U
3 points in Supersonic Man
1 point in Boom. Enhance.
3 points in Trick of the Light
1 point in Double Barrel

From Hitman -
Equip SNTNL, Bad Dose, and Static Field
5 points in Violent Speed
5 points from Violent Momentum
1 point in Drone Delivery
1 point in Death Follows Close

This move combines fast movement with good damage output, combing two useful action skills so you\'re equipped to be deadly whatever the fight calls for. Because of the abundance of Kill Skills, the more enemies you dispatch to more powerful you get. Combined with the mobility of this build, that allows you to build up a ton of momentum as the battle rages on - perfect for all the monster closets you waltz into in just about every area in Borderlands 3.


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