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Borderlands 3 Best Siren (Amara) Builds

Tutorial Name: Borderlands 3 Best Siren (Amara) Builds  

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Borderlands 3 Siren (Amara) Builds
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Mystical Assault
The Siren is the only class to feature in all three of the main series Borderlands games so far. Generally, they\'re the space magic users of the group, using ethereal telekinetic abilities to manipulate and disadvantage their enemies.

However, in Borderlands 3 Amara boasts a bit more raw offensive prowess than Lilith or Maya have in previous games. Her Action Skills are based around zoning, either by dealing damage to everything within a specific space, or locking single or groups of baddies in place.

Mystical Assault\'s headline Action Skill is Phasecast, where Amara sends out an Astral Projection of herself that deals damage to everything in its path. The augments and extra Action Skills in this tree are mostly to do with increasing the power of this move - having it heal Amara, phaselock enemies that are damaged by it in place, or have enemies defeated by it explode.

The Avatar passive at the end of the tree allows you effectively spam this ability more than once every 30 seconds, so this is the class to pick if you want a flashy special to be the cornerstone of your offensive strategy.

Mystical Assault also has some good utility passives that increase fire rate, reload speed, and weapon swap speed - the latter of which is critically important in Borderlands.

As well, this tree has the "Rush" stack mechanic, which builds up and gives Amara buffs over time.

This looks to be a strong and versatile choice to max out as part of your Siren build.

Brawl is a very strong tanking skill tree, which might be good for solo players who want to absorb damage and not rely on teammates for healing.

The Phaseslam starting Action Skill follows the Siren theme of impairing enemy movement by knocking them into the air. This can be later upgraded to confuse enemies into attacking their allies at the cost of reduced damage and a slower cooldown.

Brawl has a secondary focus on melee with passive abilities that buff its damage, increase your max health, and improve your shield capability when you get in close and take damage.

The Blitz passive, which lets you do a special melee strike while aiming down sights, pushes Amara even further in this direction. If you kill an enemy with this strike, it has no cooldown.

If you play up-close-and-personal, but like the idea of some mobility and elemental damage, this could be the tree for you. Make sure you grab important passives like Root to Rise, Clarity, Helping Hands, and Find Your Centre.

Fist of the Elements
Fist of the Elements on the other hand is a bit of a mixture of the previous two. It involves giant fist-based Action Skills that lock enemies in place, but focuses on increasing gun as well as melee damage with its passives.

Personally, I think this makes it a good foil for one of the other trees. You can take the all-around decent passives that appear early on in the tree, but not bother with the more specific ones.

Also, fire damage tends to be good and you can change Amara\'s damage element to that by investing in this tree.

As well, the Singularity generating augment can be used to further increase the zoning capabilities of better skills.

One fun build to try focuses on Amara\'s close-range melee potential and combines the Brawl and Fist of the Elements trees.

To run this build, max out your Brawl tree with the following Passives:
5 points in Root to Rise
3 points in Personal Space
3 points in Samsara
5 points in Helping Hands
3 points in Mindfulness
1 point in Find you Center
5 points in One with Nature
5 points in Jab Cross
1 point in Guardian Angel
1 point in Blitz

Then in Fist of the Elements, invest points in at least:
5 points in Anima
5 points in Tempest
1 point in Illuminated fist

Then equip Phaseslam, Revelation, and the default Shock element. This turns Amara into a up-close-and-personal brawler who can tank damage and deal huge amounts of shock to large groups of enemies.


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