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Borderlands 3: How to unlock the Proving Grounds

Tutorial Name: Borderlands 3: How to unlock the Proving Grounds  

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Borderlands 3: how to unlock the Proving Grounds

If you\'ve managed to blast your way through the main story in Borderlands 3, you might be looking for more endgame content in the Proving Grounds.

For players who want more of a challenge, your best bet is to find the Proving Grounds. You\'ll need to have finished the main storyline in Borderlands 3, so if you aren\'t that far into the story, consider this your one and only spoiler warning.

The Proving Grounds are similar to dungeons where you\'ll progress through a series of three consecutive gauntlets filled with enemies and one boss that you have to defeat in 30 minutes or less.

There will be certain conditions and objectives you\'ll have to complete, such as finish a run with 25 minutes left on the clock, defeat a specific enemy or complete it without dying. You can also play around the difficulty level and the more challenging you make it, the better loot you\'ll receive.

Thanks to our pals at Arekkz for making this handy video guide.

How to unlock the Proving Grounds
Once you\'ve completed the main story, you\'ll be able to find secret beacons scattered across the planet which can be used to find coordinates to new planets.

There are six Proving Grounds available right now, with more coming in future updates and DLC.

You\'ll be able to find the beacons across a range of planets. Once found, you\'ll need to rock up to the beacon and inspect it, then you\'ll get a message instructing you to find a Trial, such as the Trial of Cunning. This will add the location to your bridge map and you\'ll be able to travel to it from Sanctuary.

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Where to find the beacons
The first two beacons are located on Pandora. For the Trial of Cunning, head over to The Splinterlands and head to a point near the centre of the map. You\'ll find a beacon by finding an item with a yellow exclamation mark above it, so interact with it to unlock the Trial and location.

Once you\'ve activated a Trial, you\'ll have a quick mission to complete then it\'s on to the gauntlet.

There are five more Trials to find, which are:

Trial of Survival - The most western point in Devil\'s Razor on Pandora.

Trial of Instinct - In the Floodmoor Basin on Eden-6, beneath the roots on the large tree.

Trial of Fervor - Jakobs Estate on Eden-6, in the most eastern point on the map in the top right corner. There is a large wall to the northeast of this location that you won\'t be able to climb, so you\'ll need to go the long way around to get to the cave.

Trial of Discipline - For the fifth one, head to the Meridian Outskirts on Promethea and head to the Northeast of the map to find the beacon in a little alcove near the cliff face.

Trial of Supremacy - The final beacon can be found in the north of Desolation\'s Edge on Nekrotafeyo.


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