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Blackwood Crossing - Poster Club

Tutorial Name: Blackwood Crossing - Poster Club  

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Poster Club
Inspect all the film posters in the game

Missable achievement.

There are nine film posters that you need to inspect while playing through the game.

#1 - First train sequence - Paper Whale - After finishing the Simon Says puzzle, between the windows above a seat.

#2 - Third train sequence - Finn - At the start of the sequence, between the windows above a seat.

#3 - Third train sequence - Gasp - In the room after poster #2, next to the character with the lion mask.

#4 - Third train sequence - Run Finn, Run - Shortly after the puzzle, you will be walking down a hallway and Finn will disappear. The poster will be on your right.

#5 - Fourth train sequence - Hush - Near the beginning of the sequence, you will come to another matching puzzle. Before you start the puzzle, you will see this one on the left.

#6 - Fourth train sequence - Forgotten - After the above mentioned matching puzzle, in the next carriage you will see this on the left wall.

#7 - Fourth train sequence - The Storm Revelation - After putting out the fire, this can be found on the left.

#8 - Third treehouse sequence - Rabbit Boy - Before you go through the doorway at the beginning, go around the tree to find this one.

#9 - Fifth train sequence - 11 Rabbits - Your final poster is found as soon as you get to this sequence. When you get to the bottom of the ladder, turn around and you\'ll see it.


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