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Just Cause 4 - A Whole Army of Chaos

Tutorial Name: Just Cause 4 - A Whole Army of Chaos  

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A Whole Army of Chaos
Reach Army of Chaos Level 14

This achievement is probably going to be one of the last ones that you unlock. For me personally, after completing every side mission and stunt, I was at chaos level 12.5. Even then, I still had to grind this for a bit. Here is the best strategy to grind this out post game:

1. Head to the region Islas Kaupyes on the map (far right towards the middle of the map).
2. Look for the tall fuel tanks. Right next to them you will always find a couple of black hand soldiers fighting. Get into conflict with them and wait for the 2x to appear in the top right.
3. Don't kill them all immediately; wait for reinforcements to arrive. While you're waiting, air drop in a tank.
4. Continue to blow up the vehicles, tanks, etc. of reinforcements that arrive.
5.IMPORTANT: Keep a look out for ships, these are worth 5000 chaos points each.
6. Hijack one of the smaller ships that has the homing missiles (it has a mounted gun enemy on top and the driver, kill them both and get in).
7. Being in a ship yourself increases the spawn rate of other enemy ships. Use this to your advantage. The homing missiles will quickly destroy every ship netting you 5000 chaos per kill.
8. While waiting for the ships to respawn, continue destroying incoming vehicles and tanks on land.
9. If you die (which is likely due to blowing up randomly while piloting a vehicle), you will respawn right in the same area and can continue immediately.

For a video explanation of the same method, check below.


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