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NORTH - Prayer

Tutorial Name: NORTH - Prayer  

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Took a new religion.

As you are playing through the game, you may notice cameras on each of the three levels. If you walk close to them, a prompt will appear on the screen that says \'[Right Stick] To Be Seen.\' In order to unlock this achievement, you need to press in RS at all five cameras then go to the CHURCH and convert.

The five camera locations:

Level 1 - Turn left at your starting point.
Level 1 - From the first camera, walk forward and turn right as you are going to HOME.
Level 2 - From the elevator, walk straight into a semi-open area. It is on your left.
Level 2 - From that same semi-open area, turn right and head towards the IMMIGRATION OFFICE. It is on your left.
Level 3 - After exiting the elevator, it is to the left of the DOCTORS door.
The game is short enough that if you missed any of these you can easily go back to them. Please note that you must complete the WORK/MINES section on Level 1 before you have access to the elevator to go to the other levels. When you\'ve been seen by all five, you will hear a sound notifying you that you are done.

Once you have been seen by all five cameras, go back to Level 1 and enter the CHURCH. It will be a white room with a giant eye surrounded by dark figures. As you walk towards the eye and among the figures, a prompt will appear on screen that says \'[Right Stick] To Convert.\' Press in RS and \'WELCOME CHILD\' will appear on the screen. At this point you will receive the fourth document and the achievement.



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