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NORTH - The Doctors Test

Tutorial Name: NORTH - The Doctors Test  

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The doctors test passed successfully.

Exit the POLICE STATION and walk back to the elevator. Go up to Level 3, walk forward and enter a door to SEE THE DOCTORS. You will be surrounded by images of figures with glowing eyes. You can turn left to take the pills (the ones you picked up at HOME at the beginning of the game) or turn right to exit. For right now we are going to exit.

Walk back to the elevator and return to HOME on Level 1. Again, take the pills off the table then return to the DOCTORS on Level 3.

This time we are going to take the pills. When you make your selection, \'FALL ASLEEP!\' will appear on the screen. After a few seconds, you will be in a dream-like sequence and the screen will screw up. Eventually this will stop and you will be hovering then falling to the ground (don\'t worry, you can\'t die).

The objective here is to find the one blue figurine among all the pink ones (they look like gender images on public restroom doors). When you land, turn to the left and there will be a ramp going down. Walk down and forward (walking through a pink figurine) and turn right then forward. When you are in an open area, look right and you will see a blue figurine. Walk up to it and press A to \'Love\' it. The screen will glitch and when the game finishes loading you will be back in the doctor\'s office. At this point you will receive the third of four documents and the achievement.



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