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NORTH - Good Worker

Tutorial Name: NORTH - Good Worker  

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For today, the work is done.

After dying, you will be outside of the MINE door again. Turn around and reenter it. Remember drinking from the container before? This will help you "concentrate", or in other words, allow you to run to complete your objectives in this room before all the heart icons disappear. To run, press and hold B.

Your objectives in the MINE are to activate three machines and collect a stone from each. You must collect all three before you die which really isn\'t an issue if you run from one machine to another. Luckily you can return to the starting position in the blue aura to replenish your health in between machines if you feel this is necessary.

Run down the corridor and you will see an arrow going left and one going right. For our purposes, we\'re going to go left first. Turn left and run straight until you reach a machine. At the front of the machine, activate the jackhammer then go to the back of the machine and take the stone. Run back around the machine and run back to that corridor.

Now at this point you can turn right and go to the starting area to replenish your health or continue across the corridor. Whatever you decide, cross the corridor, run forward and turn left to see another machine. Activate the jackhammer and take the stone.

From where that second stone was (facing where it was), turn around, walk away from the machine and turn left and you will see the third machine in front of you. Repeat the steps and \'YOU\'RE A GOOD WORKER\' will appear on the screen. Make your way back to the door.

NOTE: If you die after picking up all three stones, you respawn outside the MINE door. You do not have to (in fact, you can\'t) reenter the MINE to collect them again.

Exit and walk back to the figure bathing in the blue liquid. Press A to \'Feed\' it and the area will change from orange to blue. You will also receive the first of four documents necessary for completing the game and this achievement.



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