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Hello Neighbor - Double Fun

Tutorial Name: Hello Neighbor - Double Fun  

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Overcome the fear of darkness

Beat the Cupboard \'fear\' challenge in Act 3. It\'s located beyond the Red Lock Door is inside the large wooden box suspended high off the ground, hanging off the side/room you reach going up the Lift Door shaft. Run jump and glide off the roof with an umbrella down into the hole in the top, and unlock to enter. The red key can be cheesed/glitched by using an item to throw into the caged switch box on the upper level in the house past the \'No Guns\' door.

The nightmare is a big jumping puzzle. Head across to the red light, go up the plank, jump over to the radio then move along to the door before run jumping across the room to shelf on other side. Run jump off orange box to higher platform, then go along back to pick up a cup to throw and break blue vase. Go up newly dropped plank, jump to binoculars then go along think plank across room and then up high plank to top of doorframe. Jump into toaster, and from plank it leaves you on run jump onto top of Exit sign then across to far plank. Run jump towards red clock but you\'ll intentionally land on platform below. Drop down to shelf below then along back towards white eyes in the dark. Go into the hole here then up to get to the clock.

Run jump across to shelf and again at end to reach far wall. These discoloured planks will fall after being landed on so you need to run jump across to reach switch at far side - if you mess this up the planks don\'t respawn and you\'ll have to restart this section (Restart from menu, not Restart Act). Flip the switch and get back across to jump into the toaster again. Now you\'re on a different shelf, so climb up the tins to jump to higher shelf. Grab three darts off the wall or board. Start to push one of the paper planes then push while running, and jump on as it\'s flying to reach red shelf on other side to jump on. Head upward past radio, then up a telephone to run jump off a VHS tape. Throw darts on the vertical wall to climb up it (you can grab placed darts to reuse). Head upward to reach a green arrow, run jump towards light switch and be ready to quickly press A. Open the door and exit to complete the Nightmare Room and gain the double jump power.



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