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Rememoried - Infinity

Tutorial Name: Rememoried - Infinity  

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Story-related and cannot be missed. This achievement unlocks after completing level 19 and picks up from the "Level 13" achievement.

Level 14

You start on a bridge and need to head directly across the level, toward the light, but the problem is that rocks block your path. You'll have to rememorize them so you can jump over or onto them, onto the next bridge piece. You can rememorize the bridge pieces too if they aren't lined up right. Once you make it to the other end and reach the flower on the platform, the level ends.

Level 15

You're in a big open area and need to find a cabin. It's impossible to describe where it is, but I believe the intention is to follow the sound of the music to the cabin. Once you find the cabin, go around the back and up the stairs and into the top floor. Walk over to the chair, then head back down and into the now open front door to end the level.

Level 16

You start in another big open area. The goal here is to find the pillar with a moon on top. It has big pieces of glowing white stairs around it, so that's what you should look for to spot it. Once you find it, head over to it, and now you have to use the stairs to climb to the top of the pillar. Rememorize them as needed to go higher. You can't stand on the pillar itself, so don't bother trying. Once you get to the top the level will end.

Level 17

Walk out of the Star dome you start in and look up. Locate the big white windmill on a platform. It's big and tough to miss. Now head towards it and directly below it is a tiny blue flower inside a tiny star dome. It's much smaller than other objects in the game so keep your eyes peeled. Touch the flower to end the level.

Level 18

Once again you start in a big open field. This time the goal is to find that same little blue flower and touch it again. Unfortunately this time it can be anywhere. I recommend doing a controlled sweep of the area to search all around. I also found it helpful to continually jump (you float a little in this level) to look over the grass to other clearings. The main thing to look out for is groups of gray shards in the air. These signal you're close to the flower. Once you find it, touch it to end the level.

Level 19

In this level, you have to stay close to the ball of white light until the music is done playing. Unfortunately it dashes away from you all the time. Sometimes it dashes away from you and you can simply move toward it, but when it dashes behind you it can sometimes cause you to lose your bearings and fail. Because of this, I recommend keeping your distance a little. Never actually step onto it entirely because that makes it too easy to lose track of it. Better to keep it just in front of you. Once the song ends the level will end.



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