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How to mod a Xbox 360 gamesave (gpd)

Tutorial Name: How to mod a Xbox 360 gamesave (gpd)  

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Today I am going to teach you (if you don't already know) how to mod your Xbox 360 gamesave (gpd file).

Lets Get Started!

What you will need!

1: A usb or hard drive transfer cable (I recommend using a usb as it is a lot easier).

2: Modio or horizon. Download link will be below.

3: A Xbox 360 and a computer (durr!!!!. If you've got all that, your ready to go!

The Tutorial!

Step 1: Plug your usb/transfer cable into your Xbox 360. (If you haven't configured it yet, go to the dashboard, go to system settings, go to memory and you should see your usb. Click on it and select "configure device". If your usb doesn't show up, it's not Xbox supported.)

Step 2: Move the gamesave you wish to mod over to your usb. If you don't know how to do this, go onto the dashboard, scroll over and click on system settings, then memory, then your hard drive, then your games and apps, then go down to the game you want to mod, click on it, go to the data and click on move and move it to your usb. NOTE: If your using transfer cable, you can skip this step.

Step 3: Plug the usb into your computer.

Step 4: Download Horizon or Modio if you haven't already. When you've downloaded one of them or if you have already one of them, open it up. (As said above, Download links will be in the description!)

Step 5: If in Modio, go to explore a device, file, open/close drive, and keep click on the folders until you see a folder with your gamesave in it.

Step 6: If in Horizon, the device selector should come up automatically on the right hand side. Go to games, the game you wish to mod and drag it into the open area.

Step 7: Some modded gamesaves (Gpd's) require you to open your original save and the modded one at the same time in resigner and swap your id's (the numbers) to the modded save. Others just require you to replace your save with the modded one.

Step 8: Simply replace the old gamesave with the modded one and rehash and resign it. If the gpd requires you to swap id's, find your normal save, open it in resigner, copy and paste your normal save's id's into the modded one. Rehash and resign it.

Step 9: Delete your old save and replace it with the modded one.

Step 10: Take your usb/transfer cable out of your computer and plug your usb/hard drive back into your Xbox.

Step 11: Boot up your Xbox. Go to system settings, then memory, then your usb, then games and apps (or the folder might just be called games), then move the modded save on your usb to your hard drive. NOTE: If your using a Hard drive transfer cable, you can skip moving it to your hard drive as it will already be there.

Step 12: Your finished! Enjoy your Modded save!

Hope this tutorial helped guys, Subscribe to my youtube if you want for more tutorials!


Or if you want to add me on Steam or Xbox, look below and I will accept you as soon as I am online!

Steam username: Trollicious

Xbox Gamertag: BHV NITRO


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Hey dude these are not .gpd files this is how to mod gamsave files or .svg files


Nice :P


Guys sorry I forgot to include the Modio and Horizon download links, here they are.

Modio: http://www.game-tuts.com/community/modio.php

Horizon: http://www.xboxmb.com/horizon/