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Zombie Army Trilogy - They're coming to get you, Barbra!

Tutorial Name: Zombie Army Trilogy - They're coming to get you, Barbra!  

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Zombie Army Trilogy
They're coming to get you, Barbra! Trophy

Trophy description: Reach at least Wave 10 in Horde Mode - Dead Man's Bluff

Trophy type: Bronze

Text Guide

Horde Mode in in Zombie Army Trilogy involves you fighting against waves of zombies either solo or with 3 other co-op partners. Each wave gets progressively longer with harder enemies. In total there are 5 maps and there is a trophy related to making it to Wave 10 for each one, you don't need to actually complete Wave 10, just start it. Note that if you join a game that is on a Wave beyond Wave 1 you will not unlock the trophy upon reaching Wave 10. You need to be in the game from the beginning.

Here are some tips that will help you reach Wave 10 in all 5 maps:

  • Firstly if you are the host set the enemy spawn to 'For 1 Players' as this will drastically reduce the number of enemies in the game. Furthermore, set the difficulty to Cadet as this will also make enemies weaker and not hit as hard.
  • There are ammo crates for each of your weapons where you can refill your ammo at any time. Learn their locations so you don\'t get caught out with no ammo.
  • If playing with other players stay close together so if one of you gets downed you can revive the other one quickly.
  • Equip the shotgun in your load out as this gun is extremely useful for thinning out large groups of zombies.
  • Don't back yourself into a corner. Make sure you keep moving around the level. All zombies are slow so if you start taking damage move away from the zombies to recover your health.

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