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Zombie Vikings - Is Such a Thing Even Possible? Trophy

Tutorial Name: Zombie Vikings - Is Such a Thing Even Possible? Trophy  

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Zombie Vikings
Is Such a Thing Even Possible? Trophy

Trophy description: Finish the Berzerker Factory without one player touching a conveyor belt.

Trophy type: Silver.

Text Guide

(Offline or Online)

You need at least two players for this trophy. If you have played the level, you will indeed wonder if such a thing is even possible, although it is. The trick is to read the description in the most literal way possible: only one person can't walk on conveyor belts, but all his teammates are free to do so. As such, you have to designate at the start who will do so, and carry him safely through the conveyor belts. Later in the level there will be enemies on the belts, I advise you just dodge them until you pass the belt, and then start fighting. Of course with more players, they can help clean the enemies out. If the carried zombie falls on a belt for some reason, just hit restart at checkpoint; it won't void the trophy.

Once you finished the trophy, every teammate should earn the trophy, as long as only one character did not touch the conveyor belt. A good rune to use here is the one giving you more speed while carrying a teammate.

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