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Zombie Vikings - A New Beginning Trophy

Tutorial Name: Zombie Vikings - A New Beginning Trophy  

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Zombie Vikings
A New Beginning Trophy

Trophy description: Complete the secret Fe dream sequence.

Trophy type: Silver.

Text Guide

Fe is a secret level with totally different content and gameplay compared to the rest of the game. To unlock it, you first need to unlock the legendary pickaxe in Tomb of Bork through natural progression. Then you need to go back to the level Pinky's Secret with the pickaxe equipped. Not far from the beginning there is a branching path that goes to the bottom of the screen (there's a shop with "surf shck" written on it in the decor at the same place). Destroy the boulder at the end of the path to access a sidequest. Finish it (you need to lure a big guy enemy to the cauldron using water jets). Now finish the level to unlock the Fe stage.

All you need to do in this level is to finish it: walk on the frozen lake to trigger a cinematic, climb a kind of mountain path filled with monsters up to the summit in order to plant a seed which grows into a tree, climb the tree and bump into the creatures' cage to free them.

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