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WWE Legends - Medal Collector

Tutorial Name: WWE Legends - Medal Collector  

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Worth: 100G

Description: Obtain all of the medals in WrestleMania Tour Mode.

How to Earn: Most of the gold medal match strategies are similar: turn the difficulty to easy, then punch and elbow your opponent until his health is at zero and you are at chain level 3, then do the easiest objectives for yourself until you have the Gold Medal. This works for all matches except the last "Relive" match where you play as Stone Cold against the Rock and you have to do ALL the objectives.

I failed several times at this because one of your objectives is to reverse a Level 3 grapple, when I would fail because I had no energy and I would just get pinned. So I revised a new strategy which worked like a charm!

I beat up the Rock in the ring, getting the taunt and 2 finishers objectives. Then I went outside the ring and did all of the outer ring objectives. Now, take the Rock to the Wrestlemania sign and let him beat you up until he is in chain level 3. It is important to have it happen out here so you don't accidentally get thrown into the ring.

Once he is at chain level 3 take the action outside the ring. To make it easier to reverse his move, I used the 25% health regen taunt (down and y and b) twice (although you could probably go 4x with some patience and get back to full health). I then calmly walked into the ring, easily reversed his attack and then pinned him for the achievement. By having full health it makes it much easier to reverse!


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