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XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Prisoner of War (Secret)

Tutorial Name: XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Prisoner of War (Secret)  

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Worth: 10G

Description: Capture a live alien.

How to Earn: To get this achievement, you first must have researched the "Arc Thrower". After researching it, build at least one in engineering. Now the Arc Thrower is a pretty close range weapon, so I highly recommend using support characters with smoke grenades to close that gap safely.

Now its not a guarantee that you will stun the alien, so i reccommend having either 2 people go in with Arc Throwers at the same time, or have another soldier ready to kill him if it fails, and try again with the next mission.

From MetalThreshKeen:
You'll probably get this achievement before you level up a sniper high enough to take the perk, but capturing a live alien can be made easier if a sniper can first make a 'disabling shot'. The alien losses any reaction shot from overwatch and will likely spend their next turn reloading their weapon to repair it. So you can either get in a second round to retry the arc thrower attempt if necessary; or else dash to close the distance and stun them next round.


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