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Mod your Skyrim gamesave

Tutorial Name: Mod your Skyrim gamesave  

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This is how to mod your Skyrim gamesave

USB device
A modded gamesave

How to's:
Move your savegame to your computer
1) Insert your USB into your Xbox. Go to settings > System > Storage. Configure your USB if you haven't done so already.
2) Click on All Devices > Games and Apps > Skyrim.
3) You should now see all of your gamesave's for Skyrim. Choose the one you want to mod and press A on it. Click Move and then move it to your USB device.
4) Remove your USB from your Xbox and insert it into your computer.

Get a gamesave
You can get a gamesave directly from Modio, or you can get one off the internet, google, youtube, ect.
I will be showing you how to get a off Modio
1) Open up Modio. Under the quickactions tab, you should see Download a Gamesave.
2) A new window will open up for modio with a ton of gamesaves for all different games.
3) In the bottom right corner you should see search. Type in Skyrim, and check off the bubble where it says game. Now search.
4) A lot of Skyrim gamesaves will show up. Go through all of them and choose what one you like. Download it and save it to your desktop.

How to mod your gamesave
1) On Modio, under the Quick Actions tab, click Open from a device.
2) You should now see your profile. Just keep clicking and eventually a new window will open up. Do not exit out of this. This is your gamesave.
3) Now go back to Modio. Under the Quick Actions, click Open a save. Open the modded save that you downloaded to your desktop from before. Another new window should open.
4) You should see a profile ID and a device ID your both gamesaves. Your modded one should look like E000000 and your unmodded one should look like E0000123913.
5) Here is the important part. Copy your Profile ID from your unmodded gamesave and paste it into your modded gamesave. Do the same thing with the Device ID. Copy the Device ID from your unmodded save and paste it into your modded save.
6) Now, close your unmodded gamesave window. On your modded one in the bottom left corner, click Rehash & Resign. Do this about 3 times just to make sure.
7) Now, in the top right corner click Save to a device. Select your device and you are now done.

Transfering your gamesave back to your Xbox:
1) Insert your USB into your Xbox.
2) Go to settings > storage > and select your USB.
3) Now go to Games and Apps > Skyrim > press A on your new modded gamesave > Move > Hard Drive.
You are now finished! Go play Skyrim with your new mods!

Modio - game-tuts.com/community/modio.php


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when i load the saved game in the load option in skyrims main meny, the window that says the disc is unreadable comes and flashes really fast, can someone please help me, please?


hello friends.i have downloaded around 70- 80 game saves for skyrim on xbox 360 after doing all the process using MODIO & HORIZON when I open the save on xbox 360 it gives error that THIS GAME IS OF LATER VIRSION NEED TO UPDATE THE GAME.

what to kindly help me out i will be grateful to you guys plzzzz


thankyou so much great explainations aswell 10 for you!




These are premade saves or already modded. yes this is a tut but show a tut with a correct title not a misleading one just post how to mod a save not like your charging for it just release it...