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XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Xaiver (Secret)

Tutorial Name: XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Xaiver (Secret)  

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Worth: 10G

Description: Mind Control an Ethereal. Single player only.

How to Earn: This achievement can be quite easy if you have the proper ability's.... Along with the Officer Training School Bonus of Iron Will (The Will bonus gained during promotions increases) you can use the Psi Inspiration (30 pts.), Psi Armor (says +30 pts. but when equipped only shows +20 pts.) and Smoke Grenade with Combat Drug enhancement (20 pts.) for a huge boost to Will.

On a strong Will character (I've had one with 105) plus the 20 from Psi Armor, 20 from Combat Drugs, and the 30 from Psi Inspiration you can get close to a 50% possibility.

There are also things that will lower your Will as well so make sure that:
1. No other squad members are dead or all squad members will suffer a penalty to will.
2. The squad member you are using the psionic attack with is undamaged (full health) or he will suffer a penalty to Will. This is also the case for any aliens that are damaged, which makes hitting them with Mindfray (see last EDIT) and Mind Control easier.

I was successful in Mind Conrolling the first Etheral you meet (without the Psi Armor as its not available for research until later) with a 35% chance, Using the above abilitys and a Support Colonel with 105 will.


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