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Gun Quick Killer Complete

Tutorial Name: Gun Quick Killer Complete  

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Quick Killer Complete 15 GS

You will start of talking to a dude, and then you will have to run down underneath the bridge and kill some of the natives. After you kill them, cross under the bridge and kill some more. Once you are clear on the other side, start heading down the hill on the other side and be aware of gun-toting baddies trying to kill you. Once they are cleared, a platform will come towards you. Hop on it, and press Y to move it to the middle. Just before you get there, some Natives will pop up with torches to light some TNT barrels. Kill them before they do, and then follow the button prompts to throw the barrels into the river. Once that is clear, get on the platform again and be aware once again of another group of baddies with gun. Once that is all done, some baddies will shoot flaming arrows into a stack of TNT that you must quick-draw to stop. Once 2 waves of that are over, a boss fight will ensue. Use the shotgun and make sure to drink up for health.


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