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Goat Simulator Use The Sword, Goat

Tutorial Name: Goat Simulator Use The Sword, Goat  

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Use The Sword, Goat

Pickup A Photon Sword As Father Or Good Goat

From where you spawn in the Crowd Kicker HQ, exit the facility, turn left and walk across the bridge towards the Research dome. Staying to the right of the dome, pass under the tube that connects Research and Academy and just past it you will see a jump pad. When you\'re up in the air, directly in front of you in the distance you will see a reddish/colorful area. When you reach it, there will be a human standing on a bridge with two pits on either side; a rainbow ball pit and a lava pit.

Lick the human and drop him in either pit (the ball pit unlocks the \'Good Goat\' mutator and the lava pit unlocks the \'Father Goat\' mutator). When that is done and the mutator is unlocked, backtrack across the bridge and jump over the rocks immediately in front of you. You will drop down a level and to your right will be an alcove with two humans holding photon swords. Head into the alcove and lick one of the few swords lying around and the achievement will unlock.


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