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Goat Simulator Hat Simulator

Tutorial Name: Goat Simulator Hat Simulator  

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Hat Simulator

Buy all hats

This is attainable in Goat City Bay.

Standing facing the front of the hotel skyscraper, turn around and the hat store called "Weathers" is directly across the street. There are six hats being showcased in the display window that you need to purchase, but you need money first. When you locate a bundle of money, lick it and bring it back to the store and "give" it to the clerk behind the counter (you can only carry one bundle at a time). Each time you do this, the message "HAT SIMULATOR!" will appear on screen. You can then choose one hat from the window. Wear all six for the achievement.

I have found 11 bundles of money at these locations:

Facing the hat store, go to the right and before you cross the bridge, turn left down the small alleyway. There is a caf on the left with tables outside. There are four piles of money on these tables.
In the hotel, there is one bundle of money behind the front desk on the first floor sitting on a desk and two bundles sitting on tables on the second floor.
In the glassed-in hotel lounge area (behind the hotel overlooking the water) is one bundle sitting on the counter.
One of the vendor stands along the water outside of the hotel has one bundle.
On the ground underneath the roller coaster elevator is one bundle.
In a house with an attached garage with a woman sitting at the dinner table is one bundle.
Note: If you are carrying money and are not attacking people and the message "DO NO HARM" appears on the screen, the bundle you are carrying will disappear. If this happens, just go to another location and pick up another bundle.


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