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Goat Simulator The Flapmaster

Tutorial Name: Goat Simulator The Flapmaster  

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The Flapmaster

Score 10 points in Flappy Goat

This is attainable in either Goat Ville or Goat City Bay.

This will be the most frustrating and time consuming achievement to unlock. There are two locations where you can play this game; upstairs on the TV in the Coffee Stain Studios house in Goat Ville or along the railing of the ferris wheel in the amusement park in Goat City Bay (the left-most game cabinet). Playing at one location or the other has no real advantages. The rumor is that it is easier on the TV because you can get closer to the screen and be at eye level. I personally found it equally frustrating at both locations.

It\'s a relatively simple game (in theory); keep pressing to flap though breaks in what looks to be ladders without hitting anything. You need to clear 10 ladders for the achievement to unlock. This is easier said than done. The breaks are at different elevations and the game has terrible hit detection, so while it may appear you cleared the ladder, the game might say you failed. It is easier to go up than it is to go down, but be careful not to double-tap too much as this will also cause you to fail. It can be quite irritating.

The only advice I can recommend is keep practicing. Developing a pattern to the button pressing seems to work, along with keeping the goat in line with the top of the bottom ladder. Jumping over the bottom ladder as opposed to dropping through the break seems to work. People have also suggested that muting your TV helps as you are not distracted by the awful game noises and music.

There are tons of videos showing you how to do this, but watching someone playing and doing it yourself are two entirely different things. Still, if the video in "Goat Queen" isn\'t helpful, maybe another one will be. Good luck!


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