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Haunt Newshound

Tutorial Name: Haunt Newshound  

Category: Xbox One Tutorials

Submitted By: HippieSabotage

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Collect every newspaper clipping

List of all the collectibles:

1/13 - The first clipping is in the Grand Hall, to the left of the book where you can watch all the clippings, impossible to miss.
Motility Vaults (Left Door)

6/13 - In the Tea Room in the drawer you face when you enter the door. (Stage 1)
7/13 - In the Foreman\'s Office, on the desk you face when you enter the door, hidden by some books. (Stage 1)
13/13 - In the Security Room, on your way to the armory, the first crossing to the left leads to the room (Stage 2)
12/13 - In the Vault (Stage 2)
Luminarium (Middle Door)

5/13 On the lunch table (Stage 1)
4/13 Once you fall down to the basement via the trapdoor, go right in the first intersection, at the end is a chest with the clipping (Stage 1)
10/13 In the Gentleman\'s Parlor in the desk on the right from where you enter (Stage 2)
11/13 In the Private Gallery (the one that needs a key to open) on the wall (Stage 2)
Auditory Annex (Right Door)

2/13 In the Budoire - the room with the telephone - on the left side of the bed (Stage 1)
3/13 in the Library on the table (Stage 1)
8/13 in the Listening Room on the table (Stage 2)
9/13 in the Repository Room on the shelves (Stage 2)


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